Is Your Business Ready For More Traffic?

Your customers want to talk about the experience they had with your business.  It’s hard to get thumbs up; you really have to leave a customer with a positive feeling.  What about the thumbs down?  People are unfortunately more likely to take the time to let others know about a bad experience.  There are over 102 million visitors each month to Yelp alone.  Getting to the first page of Google is great!  Make sure you can handle the business it will bring before the customers show up.

Drupal Tutorials

We've put together some easy to understand tutorials for you to use with your new Drupal website. We encourage you to use these video's in addition to our one on one training.

The video's that are available from this page include

What is Drupal?

Getting to know your Drupal Site

Changes and edits to your content

Adding Categories to Your Drupal Commerce Site

Content and the Search Engines

Creating internal links on your Drupal website

Keyword Research Means Business

Keyword research means business - Every minute of every day your customers are looking for your products and services.  You want them to see what you have to offer but unlike business being done on Main Street of your home town, doing business online means you have to tell the search engines that you have the perfect solution for that customer who is searching online.

Are You Renting Your Business?

Running a business in the new economy means we all have budgets and cash flow concerns.  Does it make business sense to "rent" your business or to pay a charge each month to continue your business? Can you afford to own your website?

Maximize Your Budget

Websites are one of the most important and powerful tools for your business.  Using our budget maximizer, flexible payments can open the doors to new business today.  0% interest on your payments gives you control of your cash flow.

Complete Web Solutions offers businesses flexible payment options that allow you to have that new website you've been wanting but putting off due to cash flow restrictions.


All Roads Lead To Responsive Web Design

Complete Web Solutions stays on top of technology.  Each website design we develop uses responsive technology.  This means that no matter what device your visitors are using to view and navigate your new website, they will be presented with your information to fit within the screen size of their device. 


How To Survive Google Algorithm Changes

Running an online business in 2013 got pretty interesting.  Google seemed to make algorithm changes each month and they were not small. Significant changes with Panda, Penguin and Hummingbird left even the sharpest SEO guru’s confused. 

Understanding these changes was not the only challenge.  Let’s talk about the actual areas that were and are impacted by the Google algorithm and filter changes and what a business owner can do to survive and thrive in 2014.

Let’s take them one at a time.


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