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Getting your products sold online means people that are looking for those products must be able to find your site.  Any search query can bring up an overwhelming amount of results.  Many times a client will tell me that they want to "rank" for a certain word or phrase but when I question why they picked that particular word their answer is just a guess.  "I think people would look for that". 

11/20/2015 - 08:48

97% of businesses fail online.  Why?

The desire to create and enjoy success online is not an uncommon desire for most business owners.

The lure of online business is clear.  A brick and motor business is limited to hours in the day as well as geographical conditions that limit the amount of consumers that a business can service.

This is not the case for an online ecommerce store.  A website is not limited to hours in a day or driving distance to the store. 

09/28/2015 - 09:13

Forrester Research predicts that online sales will reach $370 billion per year by 2017.  The U.S.. Census Bureau predicts that 58% of all the people in the US will shop online. There is a psychology to online shopping.
Let’s explore who is doing the shopping online.

65.7% of shoppers are between 25 and 54 years old, of those shoppers 59.1% are female.  Incomes for households over $50k make up 57.3% and shoppers seem to be educated with 77.9% having at least some collage and higher.
Where are your customers getting their information?

04/13/2015 - 16:08

How super excited am I? I have the best snowshoes for kittens on Venus and I've put this up for sale on my website, wrote this great content about how my Venus Kitten Showshoes are the best anywhere and now I just have to sit back and wait for tons of traffic to flow to my site to buy my snowshoes for kittens on Venus!  I'm going to be rich and famous!!!!

Today is November 7th, I'll check back tomorrow to see how well my new content is doing on Google!

04/13/2015 - 14:39

Running a business means you wear a lot of hats.  One of the hats covers your cash flow and budget goals.

Since I speak with business owners each day, it makes it easy to see certain patterns and concerns that most owners share with me.

It’s not that you don’t know what you need; it seems that it’s more about needing to make the allotted budget or cash flow to cover what you know you need.

04/19/2014 - 11:09

The term "SEO" gets tossed around a lot, most people will nod their heads when they hear this term but never really understand what it means and why everyone spends so much time, energy and money on it.  SEO is shortened for "Search Engine Optimization". 

So now that the first part has been cleared up you may be asking yourself, "What in the world does "Search Engine Optimization" cover.

04/13/2014 - 16:08

In the eyes of the Search engines, spam sites take short cuts and use tricks. Knowing ahead of time what actions Google considers to be spam is a smart position to be in.

04/13/2014 - 16:08

Business owners seek the same goal with their websites; Customers.  The power of keywords are hard to understand until you understand that keywords hold all the power. Web solutions online is all about how certain parts of your websites are working for you to bring these customers. 

Have you ever really given thought to the value of Google?

04/13/2014 - 16:08