We are taking a deep look at the structure and performance of the company.  In order to better understand what we need as a company, it is important that we understand what our team feels about their positions.

I would like to have all the following information filled out to the best of your ability.  I would like to have this completed by Monday morning at the latest.

Thank you

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Please, be as clear and complete as possible
WE want to make sure we have the right people doing the right job
Tell me what you would prefer doing for a paycheck. Be honest.
Our company has shown no growth in over a year. We must take steps to find out what and how we can make sure our team is motivated and wants to grow and not just get a paycheck. We tried giving Fridays off, this benifit costs the company about 11 weeks of pay per employee per year. We really need to assess if that is working or we are just falling too far behind to continue.