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Complete Web Solutions works with Dealers and Brands to resolve some inherent issues that the industry faces with their websites and how information is shared.  Below you can take a look at what we provide to our clients that seek help in the Specialty Equipment arena dealing with Parts and Accessories. 

We believe you'll be pleasantly surprised in the features and functions of the site we build for you as well as the offset price for our SEMA clients. 

Want to know more? Call Amanda at 719 432-9415.

Features & Functions that are included in our eCommerce websites:

Built using Drupal CMS (Content Management System) – This allows site owners to control their website content, in an easy to use, no coding needed way.

Responsive Platform – Website is built on a grid system that will auto adjust the way content is viewed by visitors based on the size of screen they are using to navigate your site. With over 54% of the population now surfing the net using ONLY mobile devices this feature is crucial for your website.

Complete eCommerce Shopping Cart – No monthly fee, no paying extra for each feature of your shopping cart. Your online store belongs to you and is customized to display your products the way you want them displayed.

No Bandwidth Limitations - We do not limit your bandwidth usage, you will not need to worry each month that you'll be charged extra for going over a set limit.

Flexible Payment Options - With as little as 30% down to get your new website created, we offer flexible payment options with zero interest to help you stay ahead of your competition while you maximize your cash flow.

Discount for SEMA members - SEMA members receive discounts off the total cost of their web design/development.  See details below.

Custom Buttons/Graphics – Your new site can have the buttons of your choice, you tell us what you want and we create it for you.   Your new site will have custom graphics based on your likes and needs.

Product import/export – Now you can export all your products or just one brand to an excel sheet to be able to quickly view all the information about that product. 

Product Control – You have complete control of the products on your site.  With quick editing you can make any product active or inactive based on availability or other factors.  You can quickly change pricing or put an item in your sale or featured area in under three clicks.

Inventory Control – Do you carry inventory? Do you need to know ahead of time when your inventory is running low? Your new site will keep track of this for you and let you know when it’s time to order more of that item.

Product Display – We will work with you to add the products that you want to sell and make sure that your products are displayed in the right way, after all, what good is getting people to your site if they get frustrated with the process of finding that item that they were looking for.  You will work with us to determine the products you want to sell on your site.  We don’t hand you a shell and say good luck with getting your products in there.  Our team works not only to insure your site is packed with the products you want but that they show up in a way that helps your make the sale.

Site Reports – Your new site is created with reports that are easy to use and provides you with information about your online store.  Reports can be run to show you Tax reports, customer count, product reports, average your revenue and allow you to go back in time and see how your current month compares to any other month your store had sales in.

Coupon Code and Discount Creation – You will be able to quickly create discounts and coupon codes for your products.  You can create coupons and discounts for brand specific products, all products or offer free shipping with a certain purchase amount.  Our team will work with you to create your initial coupons and discounts and train you so you can have complete control of your website.

Unlimited Scalability – Your website has no restrictions on the amount of content that can be added.  As you grow, your site can grow at no additional cost.

Unlimited Images and Products – You are never limited by the amount of images, products or SKU’s on your site.  Success and growth will not come with a penalty.

Unlimited Domain Based Emails – No need to pay for emails packages.  Your site can have as many email addresses as you wish. 

Custom Banner Design – your new will have custom designed banners at no cost.  We do not charge for images that you wish to use on the site and you do not need to provide images for your banners unless you wish to do so. Banners are structured to link to content, products or pages that you choose.

YouTube/Vimeo – Your site will have an easy to use video sharing field in each content type you’d like.  You won’t have to struggle with the placement or control, you’ll be able to add videos to any and every page you have.

Shipping Quote – If you have accounts with UPS, FEDEX and the post office we will use your accounts to give your customers the choice of shipping options on your products.  If you don’t have those accounts set up and only offer products that are shipped by manufactures then we will create mock accounts to give your customers the choices of how they want their products shipped.

Newsletter Function – Your new site will include an easy to use, easy to create newsletter that you can use to let your customers know about new products, events and sales that you may have going on.

Installation Instructions - You can help your customers with their project by allowing them to view the installation instructions.

Google Analytics Integration – Know where your traffic is coming from.  Your site will be integrated with your Google Analytics account for better tracking.  Don’t have or know how to establish this account?  We will walk you through it, it’s an easy process.

Google GEO Map – Let them know where you are with a Google Map function.  Most people like to display this on a contact form or at the bottom of the home page.

Domain based “Blog” – The word blog has fallen by the wayside.  Your site will have an area that you can create interesting articles and share stories and show off your business.  This “Blog” will be called whatever you wish like, News, Hot Topics, Your Company News, you get the point.  The “Blog” will have the ability to add unlimited images and videos as well as links to pages on your site that you may want to reference in your articles.  Now you can share events and stories in a clean, easy to use manner.

Events Calendar – Do you attend or sponsor events? Your new site can let your customers know where and when to show up to be part of any events you’d like to share as well as RSVP for the events if you’d like to keep track of attendees.

Internal Spam Control – Every site owner knows the issues with spammers that constantly bombard your site with fake accounts or spammy contact submissions. Your new site has a great Captcha feature that stops the spam bots in their tracks but is easy for your real customers to answer a simple question that you create.  You don’t need to spend your days blocking or deleting obvious spammers.

Shipping Estimator and Rules - As you know, your industry is facing a few complications with some of the shipping estimators being used to give a quote for your products. You will work with our team to develop rules that will address these issues.

Payment Processing Integration – Offer your customers both PayPal and Merchant processing for making purchases.  Your website includes a Security Certificate and integration of your existing payment processor.  Don’t have a merchant account? Only using PayPal and getting tired of waiting 3 days for your revenue and handing over 3% of your profit?  We have relationships with several payment processors including Chase, Classic Credit Processing and EPS.  Our relationship with these processors assures that our clients will be given the best pricing and avoid the standard run around that is typical for the processing industry.

Website Structure Optimization – Your website will be delivered to you with the optimization of your tab titles and URL’s optimized for the search engines. Unique Meta descriptions on every page are standard.

Image Optimization – Alt and title tags enabled for each image on your site to allow search engines to understand what your images are and that they are relevant to user searches.

Auto Updating Site Map – Your site will automatically update the site map each time new content is added or changes are made to your site so the search engines will always have a clear understanding of how to find all your content.

Custom Social Sharing Field – Your site will include a custom graphic that will allow visitors to email, bookmark and share your content to over 185 top social sharing sites.

Unlimited Admin Accounts – Drupal is permission based CMS. You can create unlimited accounts and determine what those accounts can and can’t do on your new site.  This is great when you have staff that need to access content but should not have access to other areas of the site.

Custom Site Layout – you are never confined to a template that you must learn to live with.  Each site is designed to your specifications including what features you wish to have show up and where they you want them to appear.

Web Forms – Your site will have the ability to create unlimited web forms that you can use to get information details, event RSVP’s, quotes and anything else you need.

Content Strategy/Keyword Research training – You will work with our project manager to determine the just how your customers are searching for your product or service.  A one on one content strategy meeting will help you clearly understand why the search engines deliver the websites that are on page 1 of the search query.

Internal Page Linking – Google loves websites that give additional information about topics or products on their pages.  With the word link tool you can set rules for auto generating links that will take a visitor to a page of your choice when the word you’ve written appears in your content.  This tool will not only save you untold hours of manually inserting links into your pages but will great improve the authority of your pages with the search engines.

7 Day A Week Access To Our Team – We are a US based firm so there is no waiting for time zones to sync before you can get the answer to your questions.  Our clients have direct access to our project manager’s direct cell phone and can call for help 7 days a week.

FaceBook/Twitter Image Creation – We will create custom graphics for your FaceBook and Twitter that are designed in the proper format.

Logo Redesign/Update – Time to get your logo updated? Want to have a stronger Logo? Logo redesign is included in your new site design.  Happy with your current Logo?  No worries, we will use what you have.

Search Engine Submission – Your new site will be submitted to the search engines to let them know your there. 

Training and Support – Just because the project is complete, it does not mean we abandon you.  Our clients are our only concern.  Training and support is available to our clients at all times.

If you've looked for help with your website in the past then you've been quoted anywhere from $5,000 - $100,000 for an eCommerce solution.  You are probably frustrated with the entire process and, at this point, not sure what questions to ask to get to your end goal, more sales.

We've listened to you as you shared some pretty crazy experiences and we understand your needs. 

We have made a commitment to your industry.  This means we are working along side SEMA co op to streamline the data collecting as well as attempting to assist with some pretty unusual issues that are unique to your business. 

The cost for a site to be created with the features and functions listed above would run you $17,000 - $50,000 depending on the firm giving you the quote.  We want you to know you don't need to spend that type of money.  We understand you may not have the same budget as Amazon or Target to spend on your business website.  SEMA members can expect to pay about half the cost for the website described above, this includes having your products loaded and ready for you when you launch your new site. 

In addition to the overall savings for your new website, we will extend you credit terms with zero interest and no credit check.  We do require that your business is US based.  This is the only qualification.  With the flexibility of monthly payments you are able to get the right tool for your business without the need of juggling your cash flow.

Call 719 302-5029 and ask for Amanda.