If you have a display with multiple products, and you would like to make a field (such as color, size, finish, etc.) the deciding factor on the product display rather than the full product name, you will have to turn that field into  product attribute as shown in these steps.

1. In order to create an add to cart attribute, you need to have multiple products in a display. If you have not yet placed multiple products in a display, after creating the attribute, the dropdown will not appear. Check out our “Manually Creating a Product” tutorial to place multiple variations in one display, then move on to the next step here.

2. One thing to keep in mind is that an attribute must be of “Term Reference” type. Keep note of this when you are creating new fields while importing your own data sheets.

3. To get to the field settings, go through “Store” -> “Configuration” -> “Product variation types” -> “Product” -> “Manage fields”.


4. Find the field you want to make an attribute from, and click “Edit” to the right under the operations column.

5. In the following page, under “Attribute field settings”:

a. Check the “Enable this field to function as an attribute field on Add to Cart forms.” box on.

b. Choose “Select List” under “Attribute selection widget”

c. The “Attribute widget title” should default to the field title, if not, type it in accordingly.

6. Before saving the page, under “Field Settings”, make sure the number of values is set to 1, and not unlimited or anything else. The dropdown list will not work if it is not set to 1.

7. Here is an example of what the settings should look like after making the above changes:

8. At this point, scroll to the bottom of the page and click “Save settings”.