There are two ways featured category/vehicle/type/brand/etc. regions are set. Either using the taxonomy manager, which is in our "uploading brand and category images and featuring" video. This one covers the jump block implementation.

1. One way to identify if your frontpage featured categories, vehicle types, etc. region using jump blocks rather than the taxonomy manager is by hovering over the region, and clicking the gear that pops up to the top right, then clicking “Configure Block”. If you are using Beans, the overlay title will be something including “Front Jump Blocks”. If you are unsure you can ask our team, and we will identify for you.
2. To view and edit the jump blocks, in your admin menu go through “Content”->”Blocks”.

3. On the following page, you will see all of your jump blocks listed out. Click ”Edit” for the one you wish to change.

4. In the edit page, when you scroll down you will see the areas to change the image, or url. The Label at the top of the page is used for any text that may be over the image on the site layout. Make your necessary changes and click save at the bottom.