Here we go over how to add a link to your footer company menu, and find the "path" for that link.

1. There are two different types of menus. There is the OM Maximenu, and the regular Drupal Menus. On Rapidfire sites to avoid errors in the dropdown menu, any changes to the base top/main menu will have to be requested. In another tutorial we go over managing the featured categories in your dropdown which is normal. However the links such as “Shop Categories”, “Shop Brands” etc, will need to be requests. However, you are able to make changes to your footer company menu, which we will go over here.

a. There are two ways to get to the settings of a regular menu. You can either hover over the menu, click on the gear that pops up, and select “List Links”, NOT “Edit Menu”. You will now be at this page:


This is where you can easily delete a link, if that’s what you’re looking to do. To the far right, you’ll notice in the “OPERATIONS” column, it gives you the option to edit or delete. You’ll also notice the drag icon to the far left of each item. You can use these to rearrange the menu items.

i. If you’re looking to delete a link, please remember that you can simply disable it (if you plan on bringing it back up later). Once you delete a link, it’s gone for good, and if you plan on bringing it back later, you’ll have to go through the steps of recreating that item with the path for the link and everything. To disable a link, simple uncheck the “ENABLED” box for that item and save. If you still want to delete it for good, select delete and confirm he deletion on the next page.

To add a new link, simply click on the “Add link” button near the top of the page. All that needs to be done on the next page adding the link title/name, and the path:


For the path, it’s the link extension after your sites domain. For example, if you are linking to your articles page, you might want to navigate to the articles page, and copy whatever follows your sites main link without the preceding forward-slash.

i. Example:

1. destination page for the link =

2. path = site-features

When you’re all finished, DO NOT forget to scroll to the bottom and click save.

Once you’re back to the Main Menu settings page, click on “Save configuration” on the bottom.