Basic pages, Articles, Custom Builds, Events, etc. are all different content types. They are each composed of different fields. Here we explain in detail what they are made of and how they are used.

1. A Content type is a collection of different fields. The most general content type on your site is a basic page, which is composed of just a body for the page text, and a title. If you have a custom basic page, you might have additional fields like an image or file uploads.

2. You can view all of your content types in your admin menu by going through “Content” -> “Add content”. You’ll see a list open up for you to add an article, basic page, products display, webform, and other additional features you may have.

3. For a quick view of the different fields in each content type, hover over “Structure” -> “Content Types”, hover over any one of them, then “Manage fields”. Each item that pops up in the following menu is an individual field instance within that content type you chose.

4. In the images below, it shows how simply by hovering over the “Manage fields” option for a content type, you can see the different fields included in it. The first is an Article type which contains a body, image, and tags field, and the second is a Basic Page type which contains only a body.

5. It may seem silly to have multiple content types on your site. You might be thinking “Hey, why don’t I have only 1 content type with every field in it, then add as I go?” That would cause a lot of issues on your site. For example, if you have a page dedicated to articles, it would pull every single page instead of only articles. That is one of the many importance of individual content types.