How do you increase your sales organically and quickly?

Organic traffic means visitors coming to your site looking for the product or service you provide. This type of traffic is considered free because you didn’t have to use an ad/pay per click campaign.

If you focus on building your website content and using the tools that will drive this organic traffic to your site, you will end up with a site that increases your sales all by itself. Increasing your sales in an organic way is not the same as running ads. With such an amazing concept as free targeted traffic that brings your customers to you instead of you paying to bring them, you’d think that everyone would be scratching to make their sites a sales magnet.

Why do so many businesses ignore SEO? SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is one of those terms that gets used a lot and can mean different things to different people.

Business owners often don’t know what questions to ask about SEO and end up spending a big chunk of change to see little or no results and, adding insult to injury, it takes months.

If you’ve ever been quoted an SEO package then you’re already aware that the disclaimer is pretty standard.

“Expect to see some results in 60-90 days”.

Why does it take so long? It takes time to build “Organic” traffic because the search engines need to trust your site before they “recommend” it to those customers searching the web.

What does it take to get this trust from Google?

They are looking at about 200 factors. The search engines are not trying to stop traffic to your site, they are working hard to get users the information they are really looking for in less than a second.

Increasing your sales organically take a bit longer than a PPC campaign however the increase in your net revenue is incredible and worth the time. So where do you start? You start with a good web design. When I say good I mean that you build your website on a solid platform that Google can see and understand.

You want to stay away from the “free” websites. The catch with those sites are very oblivious once you’ve invested your time and energy into them. It’s almost like buying a shell for a vehicle only to find out that the engine is an easy bake oven and will have to be “upgraded” to have any power behind it. These “free” sites can become very expensive over the years and still not provide you with the end results you’re going to need.

Build a Relationship with a Developer Consider your web developer as part of your team. The good news is that you don’t need to put them on payroll or worry about vacations or sick time. Finding a good developer though can be like using a dating site.

There are tons to choose from and you may want to just make some calls first to feel out the personality of a developer before you begin your relationship. Much like a Doctor or Auto Mechanic, personalities are not always a good match.

Spend time on who your idea customer is If you’re not sure what your customers are searching for when looking to buy your product then you are not going to stand a good chance of showing up when they’re looking to buy.

Customer personas as well as keyword research is going to be mandatory.

If you skip these two chores, you’re just throwing business at the wall and hoping it sticks. Increasing your sales organically is all about understanding your customers Focus on Content Old school SEO was focused on Back links. Why? Because links to your site from other sites are a huge factor in building that trust from the search engines.

Unfortunately this “back linking” became the focus for site owners and they ignored the content on their sites. Google has, and continues to block this type of rank stuffing.

May, 2013 saw that latest push of the algorithm changes from Google and for those sites that have worked so hard to build links that were not natural and were purchased, the results were not so warm and fluffy.

You are going to be expected to educate your customers about your product. You are going to be expected to EARN your “trust”. My advice to anyone that is looking to increase sales on your website would be to stop any back linking campaigns right now. You not only will be getting no authority from many of the links but you will now be getting penalized for links that Google has determined to be unearned. Increase your sales If you stay the course and follow the rules you will drive traffic and keep your site growing on autopilot. You will increase your sales organically.

Consider it this way.

When you start to think about dinner you know that it’s going to take 25- 30 minutes to make. If you decide that you don’t have that 25-30 minutes to spare to create dinner, you’ll end up really hungry in an hour but you are still 25-30 minutes away from eating. Hope that made sense.

The journey of 100 miles will always be a hundred miles so take that first step and you’ll be that much closer to the prize.

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