Keyword research means business - Every minute of every day your customers are looking for your products and services.  You want them to see what you have to offer but unlike business being done on Main Street of your home town, doing business online means you have to tell the search engines that you have the perfect solution for that customer who is searching online.

This is where your page titles, urls, and meta descriptions become such an important tool for you.  This video will explain how you can help the search engines to understand that you have the service or product that a person is looking for.  Granted, there are over 200 factors that come into play when the search engines are determining what websites will be showing up on the first page.  There are 10 spots one each page for organic search results.  The higher your website is on the first page the more business you should see.

If however, you're not clear on what your customers are searching for and how they are using the search bar to find what they want, then you're really not going to stand a chance on the front page of Google.  You need to get into the mind of your customer and attempt to think like they think when they want to buy one of your products or services.  People search in many different ways.  A search for Slippers could be typed in thousands of different ways.  It's your job to know how and what is being typed into the search bar. 

You accomplish this with KEYWORD RESEARCH.  You can do this for FREE using tools that Google provides to you.  Your first step is to create a Google ADWORDS account (this is free account and you never have to run ads to use the tools provided there).

This video will show you what to do once you've created your account.  Knowing how consumers are searching is the first step.  Creating the proper page titles, urls and meta descriptions would be the second step.  Remembering that people don't ever search for "everything" at once. 

You have a great opportunity to make each page on your site a page that could be found on page one of a Google search.  There is no excuse not to use your website as the tool it was created to be.  Unlike physical real estate, your website is not limited to square footage.  Unless you've built your business on a "free" site that limits the amount of pages and gives you no control over the meta fields, you are only limited by your time and effort.  Complete Web Solutions is not an ad firm or marketing firm.  We create business tools that owners can use to increase their sales but the tool only works if you understand it and use it.

I want to be clear......... The reason that Ad and Marketing firms charge and get the high prices for their services is because there is a great deal of time involved with targeting your customer.  Bottom line, someone has to get paid for their time.  Will that be you? or will that be them?

Enjoy this video and feel free to contact our offices if you'd like more information on how to increase your traffic using keyword research.  Our number is 719-302-5029.

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