What do you want to achieve in business today? Or how about this week, year, or over the next 10 years? If you don’t have any goals set, how can you expect to reach and surpass them?  Studies have shown that the majority of successful businesses and individuals use the technique of goal setting to gain success in there industry.  So let’s go over the science behind goal setting and 3 ways you should be using it in your business. Setting Business Goals.
Science behind goal setting-

There are two key actions that happen in our brain when we set goals.  One is that according to psychologist, neurologists, and other scientists, our brain cannot determine between what we want and what we have. So when we make a goal, we envision the process and end result in our mind. Our brain looks at this is if we have already achieved the goal at one point but have lost it. Our thoughts and actions will change based on that goal just being present in the mind.

The other key factor is the reward system in our brain. Feel good chemicals are released when we do something good for our survival like eating food, exercising or mating. When you do good in business, this is good for your survival and will be rewarded with dopamine, a vital chemical in the brain associated with happiness. After achieving a goal and being rewarded by our brain, we will become addicted in a way and want more, forcing us to achieve more goals.

Top 3 tricks to goal setting

#1 – Create short, mid and long term goals.

                Short-term goals are easily accomplished and have a deadline within a 1-15 day window. These goals could be daily tasks that work towards the bigger goals you have. For example, you want to gain 100 new clients/accounts in the year, a good short term goal may be to get 2-3 each day. Your long term goals need to be big and well thought out so you can manage your short term goals to help chip away at the big picture.

#2 – Revise your goals for each year.

                Change is constant, so goals set in your business 10 years ago may not be relevant to today. So sit down at the start of the New Year and write down at least 5 goals you need to accomplish to grow your business. Post these goals somewhere for others and yourself to see every day to remind and not them fall by the wayside. By others seeing the goals and deadlines for them, it help keep you accountable and on track.

#3 – Don’t over reach

                The downfall to goal setting is that when we have something in our mind we want to achieve, our brain will produce stress, anxiety and discomfort until the goal has been accomplished. This is a main factor in the reason behind goal setting working, but an unattainable goal can cause an adverse effect on the business. Too much stress and anxiety will cause un-happy employees and slowed productivity. So dream big but keep the short and midterm goals realistic and achievable.

If you start setting goals you WILL start achieving them. If you have goals in business that you cannot get accomplished, Complete Web Solutions can help you with your online marketing strategy, website optimization and questions about search engine marketing. Our vast resources can help any business reach their full potential and thrive. Call today 719 302 5029 or Start a Quote.