Your customers want to talk about the experience they had with your business.  It’s hard to get thumbs up; you really have to leave a customer with a positive feeling.  What about the thumbs down?  People are unfortunately more likely to take the time to let others know about a bad experience.  There are over 102 million visitors each month to Yelp alone.  Getting to the first page of Google is great!  Make sure you can handle the business it will bring before the customers show up.

Customers are looking at what people are saying about your business before they walk in your door or hit the buy now button on your site. 

Are all reviews fair?

The answer is no.  Give some people a voice and they will use it in an attempt to gain power or even extort a business owner.  This group of people is not large but they are out there.  If you don’t give in to their desires they will threaten to “Bring you Down”. 
For this reason you really need to take a look at your business like you were experiencing it as a customer.  If you have a website only or if your website is the main location for the sale of your product or service then:

Go page by page and make sure that your sales process is smooth and user friendly.

  • Are all your links working?
  • Can your customer find all your pages?
  • Do you have a Thank You page or email that goes out once the process is finished?  Did you leave your buyers with a good feeling about their purchase?
  • Are you able to fulfill the additional orders that your new found success brings you? 

If you have a physical location take a look at the experience as if you were a new customer walking in for the first time, you should take a hard look at:

What sounds, smells and views do customers see when they first walk in?
Is your staff helpful, friendly, knowledgeable and do they understand how important every single customer is to the ongoing success of your business?  (Make no mistake; happy employees DO impact your business)
Is your product or service the best quality possible? Can you make any small tweaks to change the end results for better customer experience?

Reviews about the experience customers have with your business are no longer delayed reactions.
With pinterest, yelp, Google +, face book and twitter, your customers are going live time when it comes to how they felt about their time spent in your business.  They are not shy about taking pictures and getting those pictures out to hundreds if not thousands of their connections in live time.  Customers will not wait until they get home.  They will tweet and post right there in your business or in the car before they even leave your parking lot.  What will they be saying about your business?

More Traffic
Because you WILL get unfair reviews it is really important that your great reviews out weight the bad ones.

Rarely do you find that a business has no complaints.  The more business you do, the more unkind reviews or complaints you will get.  This is just a fact of life.  You will never be able to make everyone happy.  There are people that go out with the intention of finding the bad in everything in their lives. You won’t change that. 

You can make sure that before you invite the planet to your business that you have made sure you can deliver great results.

As a solutions company, we can help you find the problem areas of your business and correct them before they become the reason for a negative experience.
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