Many of our relationships have begun with clients searching for custom website design.  In most cases we find that there is a pretty big disconnect with what a client believes is a custom website and what can be accomplished with a few easy to use modules or plug ins.

We find that after a quick chat about the needs, goals and features of a website that a client does not really need to commit the type of budget they had anticipated for their new or re designed website.

What we focus on, and encourage our clients to look at, is how the website is designed and developed.  Paying too much for a website because it was labeled “Custom” is no guarantee of your website meeting your goals.

Each website Complete Web Solutions develops is structured from the line of code for Search Engine optimization and ease of use for visitors.

Here are the areas that should be your focal point of interest when discussing your new website.

Does your website have a visual appeal?

When a potential customer lands on your home page do the images, text and overall design make them feel a certain way?  People buy with their eyes first.  Make sure you deliver the content that a visitor expected to see when they click your link.  If your pages are crowed with too much information and a visitor has to really search around the page to find what they’re looking for then you most likely lost that customer.

A big misconception of site owners is that they think EVERYTHING should be jammed on their home page.  You want to have a clean and easy to understand home page.  There should be easy to find and use navigation bars that clearly show a visitor where they should click to get the information they were seeking.

Is the font easy to read?

Font that is too big, too small, and too fancy or too many odd colors can have a negative impact on your visitors.   Make sure you’re consistent with your font across all your pages.  It will give your website more of a trustworthy feel.

Do you use keywords that relate to your customers searches?

Keyword research is really just one of the most important things you can do for your website.  It’s the keywords that will direct your customers and the search engines to your website.  If you don’t use or even know how people are searching for services or products that you offer then how can the search engines offer up your site when a customer is looking to buy?

Your keywords need to be

  • In your URL
  • In your page titles
  • In your content
  • In your image descriptions

Focus on good content and keep your site fresh.  Google speaks on this topic A LOT!  Great content will get good back links and customers will talk about your site.  Ignoring just one of these areas is really a bad way to give your competitors that business that should have been yours.

Our team consists of designers, developers and SEO experts.  Each of our clients is taken down the SEO road as part of our development process.  We care that your new website; whether it is custom or not, is designed to get you found online.

Complete Web Solutions is unique among development firms because we do not charge our clients for this service.  Once you become a client you’ll truly understand the difference in how a relationship with your web developer can gain you business and save you thousands in SEO services.

Why not give us a call or email us today and find out how we can change the game for you for less than you would have anticipate.  Doing the right kind of business does not have to break your budget.

Call today at 719 302-5029 or email to set a time to talk.