Consumer Psychology Losing The Sale

Forrester Research predicts that online sales will reach $370 billion per year by 2017.  The U.S.. Census Bureau predicts that 58% of all the people in the US will shop online. There is a psychology to online shopping.
Let’s explore who is doing the shopping online.

65.7% of shoppers are between 25 and 54 years old, of those shoppers 59.1% are female.  Incomes for households over $50k make up 57.3% and shoppers seem to be educated with 77.9% having at least some collage and higher.


Page Ranking Following Google Guidelines

Page ranking for your website can make the difference between having a successful, profitable online business and just being one of the 600 million websites on the net.


What Does Google Consider Spam?

In the eyes of the Search engines, spam sites take short cuts and use tricks. Knowing ahead of time what actions Google considers to be spam is a smart position to be in.


The $300 Website: A Lesson Learned

Purchasing a website is a very important decision that every business has to make. For some businesses a website does not produce a stream of revenue but is more of a source of information. That makes it ever so more important to not through money down the drain. A poorly designed website is almost worse than no website at all.

Your website is a window to your business that is open 24/7 and viewed by many if not all of your potential customers. $300 will NOT get you a site you are happy with, it will be a $300 hard learned lesson.


Step By Step SEO Help

Search engine optimization needs to have a plan surrounding your goals. Follow these step by step SEO help.

Best practices are always solid keys to creating your SEO Plan. “Measure twice, cut once”, well not really measuring but you defiantly want to start out doing this the right way, the first time.

This article will cover the step by step SEO help that you need.  There are steps that need to be followed in order for your optimization to go well.


What is SEO?

The term "SEO" gets tossed around a lot, most people will nod their heads when they hear this term but never really understand what it means and why everyone spends so much time, energy and money on it.  SEO is shortened for "Search Engine Optimization". 

So now that the first part has been cleared up you may be asking yourself, "What in the world does "Search Engine Optimization" cover.

Social Media

Today’s consumer is much different than they were even 5 years ago. You can have a the perfect product or talent but without utilizing Social Media you may be the only one that knows about it or believes it.


Page Ranking Steps for Success

There is a lot of information about how to get your website ranked to page one of Google.  It can become overwhelming and is easy to forget the basics. Just a quick note, Google updates page ranks every 3 months.  Make sure your site is in a position to gain rank.

Matt Cuff of Google is a great source of information for just about every topic surrounding Search Engines (at least Google). 

Here are the steps to getting those higher rankings.  Each step involves their own set of rules and targets.


Custom Coding

Complete Web Solutions provides solutions for all needs and requirements.  Our development team can create basic, semi custom and custom websites for your business.

Our programmers work with:


What Is Content Strategy?

Providing great quality content and having a content strategy is the main foundation of a website.  Google webmasters bring up this issue on just about every video and piece of content they speak about.  

So let’s delve into what a good content strategy would look like.



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