In the eyes of the Search engines, spam sites take short cuts and use tricks. Knowing ahead of time what actions Google considers to be spam is a smart position to be in.

Now, while some of these tricks my work for a short period of time, you will get caught and you could get your entire site de-indexed.  This means that no matter what people are searching for that you may have optimized your site to include, you will never show up on the search engine results. This is not a fun place to be. Don’t get angry at the search engines for tossing you into the sandbox.  It’s never fun to be pulled over and given a ticket for speeding but for everyone else on the road; having you drive safe is important to their safety.

The same thing applies to searching for a product or service, you know that you would not want to find a product and after clicking on a page one link you wind up on some ad site or a site that had nothing to do with your search, it would make you angry and you would lose trust in that search engine.

They want to give you and your customers the best sites for the products that are being searched.

So here are areas that are considered spam by most search engines:

  • Content that is low quality and automatically created by an article writer or re-spinner.
  • Back links that are created automatically like accounts in forums or for blog comments.
  • Cloaking – this is when you give one version of your site to be viewed by the search engines and a different site for those real people who land on your site.
  • Doorway page – I found a great article that gives a good deal of explanation about Doorway pages.  If you’d like to understand this big no no, I recommend reading this article
  • Redirections that are misleading to the user.
  • Hiding your text to fill your page with keywords – this includes using the same color for your text that is used for your background color and picking fonts that are really small.

 Bottom line folks, you really do want to be an authority on your products and services.  If you feel you don’t really have the ability to educate or explain your business and instead you turn to companies that will write for you, or you just simply steal content from other sites then you will suffer the ramifications.

Google is not hiding the rules from you.

 You can get a lot of great information straight from the horse’s mouth by using Google’s webmaster tools and for those that don’t like searching through pages of information, I highly recommend going to  Here you can get the real answers as given by Google to some great questions.

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