The term "SEO" gets tossed around a lot, most people will nod their heads when they hear this term but never really understand what it means and why everyone spends so much time, energy and money on it.  SEO is shortened for "Search Engine Optimization". 

So now that the first part has been cleared up you may be asking yourself, "What in the world does "Search Engine Optimization" cover.

Optimization for the Search Engines is a process that a web site will go through to attempt to be seen by and understood by the Search Engines.  Google is the big boy on the block and many articles will focus on this search engine, don't forget about engines like Yahoo and Bing, you would not want to miss out on any advantage you may get from being found on these search engines as well.    Our clients usually don't ask what is SEO, they usually ask how we can get their websites found by the search engines and customers.       

SEO Basics

There are few principals that are core for "SEO"; On site and off site.  Let's go over both.

On site or on page SEO is all about turning your website into a really easy and search engine friendly site.  Why bother?  You can spend all your time and all your cash to create a fantastic website but if the search engines don't clearly see or understand what you have to offer then your chances of every showing up under the organic searches for your service or product is really very low.

When we talk about optimizing your site we are talking about the page structure, images, internal inks, content, page titles, URL's and other META data.  This can be a lot to take in for those just starting the journey.  There is a whole new world of SEO gurus to help you understand and accomplish your SEO on site goals.  Some offer just enough information to make you feel you have a good handle on this, most of the DIY SEO information is provided for free.  You'll see why after you get your hands a few eBooks.  By the time you're done reading you may find you are now brimming with information but still have very little idea how to take that information and make it work for you.

Most site owners still need help.  The old "Black Hat" techniques are still out there.  Be careful not to find yourself on the wrong side of the street with the Search Engines, they give you no leeway just because you made a mistake and didn't know.

Personally I have seen SEO packages range from free software to $15,000 for a six month SEO package.  How does a site owner decide? Take my word; most "free" software is never free.  There is always another "vital" aspect you'll be asked to buy to "really drive traffic", you could find yourself spending thousands, $45 dollars at time, and still be no closer to really having a solid SEO strategy.  How do we know this? What makes us such experts? Well, no one is born knowing SEO; everyone starts out learning the hard way. 

Complete Web Solutions operates under the opinion that a question should be answered, our staff willingly shares knowledge with our clients.  Why don't they just go do it themselves? The only people that ask that question are those that have never attempted to achieve results based on an SEO strategy.   In other words, it's hard work.  It takes time and a good plan.  We can help and we can provide the end results for our clients for prices that won't put you out of business.  Need help? Have questions? Pick up the phone and let us know what you need, 719 302-5029 will put you in touch with our staff.

Off site SEO revolves around taking your optimized site and promoting it via link building, social media sites, and getting other people and sites to share your information with others.  There is a good amount of factors that must be met before you start to see your site on the first page of Google.  Gone are the days of the Yellow Pages.  If you are looking to be a dominate player in your field then you must follow the rules of the game. 

The game does change but the focus today is really about a few things.

1) Do you have a good product?

2) Does your website provide great content about your product?

3) Are people talking about and willing to share your product with their circles?

4) Can the search engines understand how to find the information you provide on your site?

Sounds kind of easy when we look at this way, not a long list by itself.   But it can be a very confusing group of tasks when you attempt to get them all working together.

Jumping out of bed and into the SEO pool without first having a strategy is just a bad idea.  There are reasons for all the rules of the game and we can help you plan your business attack before you start shelling out hard earned cash on random and unorganized campaigns.  

Want to talk? 719 302 5029. Did this article answer your quesiton about What is SEO? if not, contact our offices and we will go into more detail.

If you are just starting out or you have been a player in the Online business market for years, Complete Web Solutions can help your site attract more targeted traffic and all you need to do to start is call - 719 302 5029.