Website Design for a Lasting Impression!

A website is your personal piece of virtual real-estate.  Like any piece of land, it needs to be maintained and updated. There are many benefits of a Website Makeover. This article will go over some areas that you will want to take into consideration before you begin the makeover of your website.

Retro may work for clothing styles but not for your business website.


SEO Help: Why your website needs to be optimized

Looking for SEO help is not such a daunting task when you understand why you need it. The video above is really useful information regarding SEO and is produced from Google themselves.  Once you hear how they see your site please continue to read about the reasons your website needs to be optimized.

Q) What is Search Engine Optimization and why you need it?


Adaptive Web Design Vs Responsive Web Design

The web development community is buzzing with two new terms, Adaptive web design and responsive web design.  Now the interesting thing about this buzz is that it’s become a bit vague as to the difference between the two terms.  Some have been very vocal about the distinct differences and others are saying there is really not enough of a difference to clearly make a solid description.


Where Are My Customers: Finding Your Buyers

More visitors to your site means more opportunities to convert visitors to customers, right?  I mean, why spend so much time and energy in optimizing your website unless it is going to get you tons of traffic? Finding out where your customers are is not all that hard if you know where to look.

Complete Web Solutions works with business owners to answer the question; Where are my customers? 


Web Design Tips You Need To Know

When it comes to designing your website there are several areas that are important to the search engine optimization.  Sometimes these areas bring up some questions that, if overlooked, could hinder the overall SEO results. Web Design plays a huge part in the SEO success of your site.

This article is going to cover some character counts that you need to keep in mind. Here are web design tips you need to know.

Website Solutions

Having a business website that is not working to meet your business goals is a terrible place to be.  We understand that you are feeling pain.   What we need to know is, “Where does it hurt”?

Complete Web Solutions works with site owners like you to help them achieve their goals.

Before we burn it down and rebuild, let’s find out where the pain is coming from. 


Web Design or Web Solutions? What's The Difference?

What’s the difference between a web design company and a web solutions company?

Clients tend to ask this question during the first contact with our company.  The answer becomes clear very quickly into our relationship; however it is asked enough that I thought I would give a quick explanation.


I Know I Need A Website - Now What?

You need a website.  Your business depends on it. Now what? How do you know who to call and what to ask?  How to you make sure that you’re website project will not turn into one of those horror stories about sites that took six months to complete, or just never got completed. Needing a website is logical.  Knowing the type of website you need is a little more tricky.


SEO One & Done?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is not a one and done solution and let’s talk about the reasons that fact has hurt and frustrated many a website owner.

There are absolute factors that impact your success that can be set up one time and flow through out your website to create a great Search engine optimized foundation.

Those would be;

Web Design Recipe For Success

Everything in life requires a recipe to be successful. Web design is no different. There are absolute recipes for successful web design to create a dominate site presence for your business. The problem is not in the ingredients; it’s in the choices made by the chefs to omit or neglect the steps required to produce a solid, optimized, successful website.



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