When it comes to designing your website there are several areas that are important to the search engine optimization.  Sometimes these areas bring up some questions that, if overlooked, could hinder the overall SEO results. Web Design plays a huge part in the SEO success of your site.

This article is going to cover some character counts that you need to keep in mind. Here are web design tips you need to know.

Meta Descriptions – This is the summary of the information on each of your web pages. If you are working in a platform that doesn’t allow a unique description for each page then I would recommend seeking help.  It’s better to fix this now then to wait several years.  

The Meta description is what shows up under the title in a search query.

 Web Design Tips You Need To Know

Descriptions are important.  This is the only part of information for a page that the customer sees and can help to let them decide if they are going to click on your link or not.

You can spend time writing a huge, detailed description but you should know that search engines are only going to show about 155 characters.  Use your words wisely. Putting together a concise statement that naturally incorporates your keywords is something you should spend some time creating.

You should avoid duplicate Meta descriptions.  Each page should be relevant to the topic and include your target keyword.

Because of description and keyword abuse, Google announced that ranking algorithms as of Sept 2009 do not influence ranking.  They do use the descriptions to return results so it is really important that you take time with your page descriptions.  After all, Google is not going to buy your product but a good description could help your buyers find you.

Title Tags – A title tag is simply the title of your page.  This is an important place to use your targeted keyword.  It should be stated that the title is the first line of information that a searcher will see.  I recommend setting your titles to show (Title|Site Name) over (Site Name|Title).

Use under 70 characters.  This is the limit that Google displays in search result

70 Characters in a Title

Your title tag is second only to your overall content when on page SEO is involved.  The title tag plays a huge part in creating value in 3 areas that you should be concerned with.

Relevancy – Your brand Name – Emotional Impact

Relevancy of your keyword is important for increasing rankings in search engines.  When surveyed, 35 of 37 users said that the information in the title was the most important factor for clicking on the link.

Name Branding – There are two schools of thought on this topic.  Some SEO firms like to place the brand or site name first.  This could be a good idea if your brand carries a lot of recognition.  Most agree that if you are not SEARS or AMAZON, for example, then your title should show up first and then your site name.   The main benefit of this positioning is to bring the keyword to the front of the title and therefore gives it more power.

Emotional Impact – Your title will be the reason a user will click to read the content on that given page.  Just like you choose an article to read in the newspaper or a magazine.  If the title doesn’t peak your interest then the article will never be read.

We hope this clears up a few questions about the character length and why it makes a difference.

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