Everything in life requires a recipe to be successful. Web design is no different. There are absolute recipes for successful web design to create a dominate site presence for your business. The problem is not in the ingredients; it’s in the choices made by the chefs to omit or neglect the steps required to produce a solid, optimized, successful website.

One area that may tend to get in the way of finished product is the vast amount of information online. Strangely enough there are pitfalls to having too many choices and opinions to base a decision about how to structure your web design and development of your website for maximum results.

Let’s break down some of the hurdles and put this whole concept into some real life examples that will clear up any confusion.

Hurdle 1- Who is telling the truth and how can you trust the source of information?

Great question and easy to answer when we really focus on why you care how your website is performing. A website is worth very little if those people/customers/clients don’t know where to find the information posted there. The Search engines are the traffic directors online so it goes to reason that listening to what they have to say and playing the game under their rules will bring you more success. There are millions of articles written and promoted by marketers, SEO companies and design firms. Hopefully they have taken the information directly from the source and delivered in a full and comprehensive way to readers but, like most articles, the tone will carry the writers view on the subject. This can be frustration for a reader who is looking for facts over opinions regarding the facts.

How do you know who to trust? Trust the source. You’re online, Google’s online, drop in and see them. Google Webmaster tools have amazing information for you and YouTube carries the Google Webmaster Help Channel. There is so much great, accurate information with just these two sources that you really don’t need to search elsewhere. Google is not your enemy. They simply want to offer the users who are looking for information and products, the best possible sites. They are eager to share how they work and what makes them happy about a site and what they consider a red flag.

Hurdle 2- Once you have the information how to you apply it to your business.

Getting a clear idea of all the factors that will help you succeed online can be a challenge. After all you are not in this line of work and should not be expected to understand all the dynamics but once you get a handle on the structure it’s important that you create a long term plan to take advantage of every tool available to you. The competition will be using each advantage and so should you.

Hurdle 3- How do you know it’s working? The short answer is because you’ll get more business.

The longer answer is you can use a variety of software and online services that will provide you with site audits, serp reports, red flags and marketing scores. It really becomes a question of how deep you want to go down that rabbit hole. Cost per month for these various tools can range from Free to several hundred dollars a month. You can again use the tools provided by Google Analytics and Google Webmaster tools for free.

Hurdle 4- When do you get to call it done and complete?

If you owned a restaurant and you served an item on your menu that was a huge success, everyone loved it and it sold out daily you would need to continue to produce that item right? Each day you would need to get the ingredients and spend the time needed to create this amazing, top selling, profitable menu item. There is no difference between that scenario and your business site. If you know that by following the steps needed to produce the traffic and ultimately the business that comes from that traffic is creating this demand for the “top selling, profitable item”, then why in the world would you entertain the thought of abandoning the daily work involved that produces that results?

Web Design Recipe For Success

So what about the recipe?

Here are the ingredients you need to get in your basket.

•A website that is developed on a strong platform and is quick to load

•Page Titles that are optimized

•URL’s that have been optimized and clean

•Use of images with clear titles – Meta tags

•Unique Meta description for each page on your site

•Fresh, great content that is relevant to your business/product

•Links coming to your site from other authority sites

•Social Media interaction

You are not just working to get your site on the first page of Google; you are working to stay one step ahead of the site below you that is doing everything they can to take your spot.

The hard truth is you are NEVER done. There is never going to be a day when you can sit back and live off the success of yesterday. The ingredients you used to produce the results you wanted need to be used each and every day. That may mean that you will have to employ one person to focus on these ingredients and keep this success rolling at full force.

Businesses that don’t have or want to spend the budget for this person will find that once the amazing, “hot selling” menu item is no longer available or it lacks a vital ingredient that made it “hot” to begin with, those customers that were drawn to you for that reason will be poached away from your competitors.

Find the budget for this person. Again, let’s pretend you’re a restaurant and that top selling menu item costs you $15 for the ingredients but you net $10 profit off that meal as well as the additional profit from drinks and deserts purchased by those that came for the “hot” menu item. It would be illogical to decide that you didn’t want to spend the money for the ingredients needed to make that dish or to decide to forgo that item until you made more money and then bring it back. IT is the reason you get new customers and the customers you have come back over and over.

Saving money by not investing in tasks that bring you more money is equivalent to saving time by not winding your watch. It just won’t work.

Setting up your website for success in the first place can reduce the amount of time and money you need to allocate to Search engine optimization and marketing but it still requires work on your part to maintain the success you desire.

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