Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is not a one and done solution and let’s talk about the reasons that fact has hurt and frustrated many a website owner.

There are absolute factors that impact your success that can be set up one time and flow through out your website to create a great Search engine optimized foundation.

Those would be;

•Page Titles
•Alt Tags
•Page Descriptions

Those can be set up to populate and never have to be worked on again. Then there are factors that need ongoing work.

Those would be;

•Social media etc

Getting to the first page of Google and stopping is a bad idea. Your competitors are not doing 1 and done, just because you’re on top does not mean that there are not hundreds of sites right on your heels.

Let’s pretend that you and your competitor were both being looked at for that top spot. Let’s also pretend that both your sites are very similar in the age, links, structure, load time etc. It may really come down to 1 single area that your competitor showed more authority than you showed to Google and that one little area means that they are enjoying 46% more clicks to their site than you are experiencing.

If you plan to be a player in the world of online business and truly want to be taken seriously by the search engines then you need to consider SEO as a daily – ongoing project and not just a onetime gig that you can live off forever.

SEO every day

Think of SEO like a Diet. You work hard to eat right and exercise and for your dedication you become healthier and you drop unwanted pounds. Then you decide that you met your goal so you revert back to your old habits and slowly the weight comes back.

You can’t live on last month’s success. Your competitors are working hard to take and retain your spot on the first page of Google. They don’t stop so you can’t stop either.

Am I saying you have to spend a fortune with SEO firms that take big bucks and tell you to wait 6 months for results? NO! Don’t let your lack of knowledge be someone else’s payday.

We give no cost one on one consultations. “NO COST”!!! Why would you not take advantage of this? If you’re curious why we offer this when no one else does, it’s because we know that one day you will want or need to have your website updated, redesigned or fixed. We want to be the company you call on that day and we need you to know you can depend on our team.

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