What’s the difference between a web design company and a web solutions company?

Clients tend to ask this question during the first contact with our company.  The answer becomes clear very quickly into our relationship; however it is asked enough that I thought I would give a quick explanation.

A Web Design firm will collect information from a client and design a site based on that clients “wish list”.  The site will be delivered to the client in the exact manner that was laid out by the client.

A Web Solutions company will collect the information from a client and will advise on the functionally of the “wish list”.

The main difference is that a solutions company will pay attention to how the site owner’s vision will impact the usability for the end user.  
In the end you have 2 well designed sites but one is what you asked for and one is what you needed to create a smooth experience for your visitors.

A solutions company does not override the choices made by the client, rather we sit down and explain how a particular page or function will either help with the visitor experience or hinder that time on the site.

Let me give you a few examples of what I mean.

In this scenario you are getting an outfit created for you.

You give the measurements and let the (web design company) know what type of material, color and thread that you want to be used for the outfit.  They make it for your specifications and deliver the product.

You give the same information to a web solutions company, they take a look at your list, ask you questions like; where will you be wearing this outfit?  Will you need to be able to wash the outfit? Will the outfit be exposed to different elements like water, salt, sand etc?  Is this outfit going to be worn daily or just once?  

After you have answered these questions, the solutions company will first explain to you any dangers that using the requested material will bring to the table.  They will let you know that the material you choose will shrink in the rain or the dye will run if exposed to bright light.  They will let you know that the thread you choose, although very nice to look at, is not designed to hold up under more than 3 pounds of pressure.  You get the picture……….. The end choice is always yours, but the solutions company understands that clients are not the experts in this design game and therefore are not equipped with the knowledge or experience to know the difference between one thread type and another or one choice of material or another.

It is the belief of our team that people do not seek the help of experts without expecting to be lead in the correct direction.  It is the responsibility of the proffessional business you have chosen to create the most important aspect of your business presence online to give you the information and assistance regarding vital facts that you, as a business owner, would not otherwise know to ask.

Complete Web Solutions is an American company focused on the success of the American business owner.  Our clients gain valuable knowledge necessary to become a dominate force in the online business market.  We provide quality web design at prices that are lower than expected. 

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