More visitors to your site means more opportunities to convert visitors to customers, right?  I mean, why spend so much time and energy in optimizing your website unless it is going to get you tons of traffic? Finding out where your customers are is not all that hard if you know where to look.

Complete Web Solutions works with business owners to answer the question; Where are my customers? 

The truth is you don’t want tons of traffic; you want targeted traffic, traffic that could become a customer or client.  Driving traffic to your site that will never be interested in your services or products will simply end up bouncing quickly and when enough of those visitors bounce without ever exploring your offers, the search engines will take notice.  Instead let’s focus on not just getting traffic but getting the RIGHT traffic to your site.  To get the right visitors you need to focus on your idea buyer personas.

What a buyer persona looks like

Buyer personas are not real people; they are characters that are created by doing research.  They are what your ideal client or customer would be and they help you to refine your marketing activities. When you ask where your customers are, you need to know who your looking for.

What is your idea customer’s name, demographic and goals?

Once you determine your buyer’s persona every marketing action you will take from that point on will be dictated by this persona.  Your marketing, blogs, content and posts must speak to your buyer persona.
Once you understand your company’s idea buyer persona you are able to focus on that buyer and design your website to give the type of experience that will speak to this persona.  You will understand and use the language they are familiar with, you will create marketing content and offers that you know will interest them.

Take the time to create and understand your buyer persona, it will make you a better marketer and your end results will be increased.

Understanding your buyer personas will save you time, money and resources in the long haul.  The best part about creating a buyers persona is that when you ask "Where are my customers?", you'll have clear understanding of just who it is you'd like to have visit your site.

How do you prioritize the personas?  

    What products or services seem to appeal to them most?
    What is the most lucrative?

You will use this information in building your website, the keywords and content that will speak to these buyers’ pain and needs, you will be able to focus better on how to solve those problems and fill those needs.

Once you know what products your customers are looking for most, you want to feature that product or service on the first page, give them what they need as soon as they hit your page.   You will be giving your customers a better experience, one that speaks to them.

Building the right website, the one that speaks to your customer persona takes a lot of thought.  You need to spend the time to think this through.

How to build this idea persona

This is a great opportunity to involve your employees and staff to help determine the personas.   Your sales team, customer service staff and support teams know your customers best.  They hear the questions that your customers and clients ask.  They have insight that would be a great help in coming up with the persona.  Get your staff involved.  (Although this article is not about the importance of your employees, we strongly recommend you read a few of our posts about employees and the impact they have in the success of your business). Motivation in the workplace

What you need to know about your customer persona

    How do they use your product or service to address their needs?
    What type of job do they have?
    Are they married?  Do they have kids?
    Are they in control of their budgets or do they influence the buying decisions?
    What type of problems do they deal with on a daily basis?
    Do they belong to groups of others that share their needs?
    What do they do in their spare time?

You get the idea.  The more you know about your idea buyer the better you will be able to solve their problems.  The better you will be able to help them with great content.   If you can truly help a person with a need or problem then you will find that you don’t have to “sell” your product, you just need to provide your solutions.  I hope you gained some great information with this "Where are my customers" article, feel free to contact our office if you would like some help with this or any other topic you find on our pages.

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