Search engine optimization needs to have a plan surrounding your goals. Follow these step by step SEO help.

Best practices are always solid keys to creating your SEO Plan. “Measure twice, cut once”, well not really measuring but you defiantly want to start out doing this the right way, the first time.

This article will cover the step by step SEO help that you need.  There are steps that need to be followed in order for your optimization to go well.

First step - You need to understand the concept of the total optimization gig.  Once you start to understand the basics, it starts to feel more intuitive to you and the rest of the process is clear in regards to purpose of your actions. SEO is short for Search Engine Optimization

Second step – Decide on your target keywords.  Many times during an initial consultation with a client, I find that they have a very strong opinion on the keyword they want to rank for.  They may have 3-5 keywords ready to talk about.  In most cases the keywords they’re focused on are not the best keywords to get ranked for optimization purposes. Understanding the importance of getting and using the right keywords for the right type of traffic is critical. Take this step very serious. Speak with an expert to understand the power of optimized key words.

Third step – Now that you understand the nature of Search engine optimization and the keywords that will bring you the right kind of traffic, you can optimize your web pages. Every page on your site is an opportunity to build your authority, trust, and ranking position.   Does your page have content?  Good helpful content?  Without proper optimization of your pages, you will never get found.

Fourth step – So now you have an understanding and a good strategy. Your pages are working for you and you’re ready for traffic. Now is when you need to submit your website to the search engines, directories and other submission sites. 

Fifth step – Go get yourself some good back links, notice I didn’t say just back links. When it comes down to your page and a competitor both trying to rank for a keyword, the search engines will give the better ranking to the site that has the best back links. Think of it as one the little factors that Google uses as a tie breaker. If you're not sure how Google works it helps to understand why and how they choose the front page sites.

Okay, you’ve gone through all the steps, now what?

Check to see how it’s going.  There are really great sites that will allow you to see how you’re ranking.  Some can get very pricey and people pay that price because unless you know how your efforts are working for you, how can you improve your campaigns and ever understand what is working and what is not?  If you follow this Step by Step SEO Help you should be able to see your website increase in rank and traffic.

I don’t really like to endorse software or sites.  I would rather leave your opinion up to you, but I did find a free site that seems to have okay stats for where you’re ranking.   It’s

Let me share this with you though.  I have tested out dozens of the serp sites and regardless of the tools and features they offer or the cost of their service, the end results for the same searches, on the same URL, for the same day are always different.  

Well that sucks!   How do you really know how your keywords are working for you then?  My only thought is keep track of your starting point.  If you went on a diet and the scale you used was not calibrated the same as the scale at the office or the one at the gym and each one told you that your weight was something different, then you simply pick one and measure results for that information. Even if it didn’t give you the correct starting weight it will show you if your results are getting better or worse.  I suggest using the serp and ranking tools the same way.  Pick on tool and watch the improvement or decline based on their calculations.

There are many factors that can determine the results you see. For example, you may check for your back links on one site and see you have 45 links but then you jump over to, let’s say and it shows you have 5.  How in the world can that be?  Easy, some sites like Alexa don’t crawl as often or report updates to the information about your site as often as others.  Google themselves for example only does a push through on page rank 4 times a year.  That can be frustrating when you want to see results now.

Just keep doing what you’re doing and it will all come together.  We try to add new help articles like this step by step SEO help, weekly.  Take some time to go over our blog and education posts.

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