“It takes the same amount of work to build an unsuccessful business as it does to build a successful business”.  Keyword research is critical for the success of your business.

The biggest factors for success are the target keywords you choose and the market you choose them in.  Choosing the right ones can change your business, choosing the wrong ones can put you in the list of the large number of business that make virtually no income online.

Keyword Research
The main reason people fail is that they do not take the needed time up front to do the market research needed to check if their business idea is viable.

Keyword Research for your website
Take the time to plan for your business and your customers and you can find those people that are looking for your product.  By choosing the wrong keywords you end up putting up your shop in areas that are not looking for your product. 

Would you find customers for your amazing steaks if you set up a big sign in a vegan camp?  Make sure your product shows up where your customers are looking.

Research Keywords for success
What is an online market?
Answer - Communities of people that share an interest in a particular area and often have their own internal language.  Internal language is a result of shortening common terms within a niche market.

Within each market there are many niches that will lead to many different topics of interest. These are key to opening up these markets.  Knowing your customer is the first start.

Different keyword phrases have different value depending on the amount of traffic they generate.

Google Keyword Research
The biggest trend we see in businesses that are searching for SEO/SEM help is that 89% are in crisis or panic mode.

Creating and growing a business online does not happen over a weekend.  To be honest, this type of growth is exactly why Google go to such lengths to stop the “fly by night” site owners from gaining top positions.  You may find reading Planning to Fail in Business an interesting article.
Keyword research tools are varied and plentiful.

If you would like to talk about your business and keywords that could bring better traffic, call today at 719 302 5029 to talk with one of our professionals.  There is no cost and no obligation.  Complete Web Solutions can help you understand how to do proper Keyword Research.