Drupal is an open source content management system that is taking the lead in the website development field and website owners are reaping the benefits. To understand what Drupal brings to the party you have to go back several years to see how websites were developed in the past.

If you give it some thought, you’ll agree that this whole new world of the internet is really just an infant and as new parents we are all learning to raise this child day by day. In the beginning websites were a red hot mess. Colors, fonts, images and confusing site flows were standard.

We all learned quickly the frustration of getting a clean, functional website that really did help bring new business to our companies. As web development firms grew we found that websites started looking much better but the problem of usability still left too many site owners unable to do much with their websites without having to rely on the developer to make the changes. These actions came with a fee and left sites owners even more discouraged. Websites had no easy way to for a non developer to get in and add photos, content and make changes.

This caused the birth of the CMS – (content management system). The CMS provides website visitors with a clean and easy to navigate environment, website owners with an “admin” area that allows them to really control the content and features of their sites and website designers with better way to develop websites that really do act as a business tool for their clients. For those that are hearing the word Drupal for the first time, you may want to think about Word press. Word press is a CMS that was developed for bloggers to take their blogs and make them into real websites.

Word press is a very popular CMS and has come a long way. Drupal was designed for complete business solutions. Drupal.org has a large community of developers that are constantly improving the platform. If your website has yet to convince you that it is a business tool to bring more business and brand your name then it may be time to talk to us about making some changes.

Complete Web Solutions is a web design company based in Las Vegas, NV and we are here to help US business owners create and understand the relationship and benefit of a highly functional website. We offer both semi and custom website design and development that come with fully optimized features.

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