New customers are always on the minds of business owners.  Without them a business will not continue to grow.  New customers of course, mean more sales and we know that steady growth in sales is a basic challenge that all businesses face.

Here are a few ways to bring in customers and expose your brand to a new audience that can drive sales.

1) Get busy making connections

In this Social media world it seems we spend a good amount of time getting likes, follows and subscribers but we don’t really do much with them once we have them.

If you underestimate the value in networking, making new friends and meeting people then all the time and effort of maintaining your social and business accounts is a waste of your time.

When you look at this oversaturated environment that offers millions of versions of your products and services, it really does make that personal touch a vital element in your business growth.
We business owners can get caught up in the mindset of using dynamite to fish.  Randomly tossing dynamite in all directions and hoping to skim a few fish that float to the surface.  We become victims of the overwhelming amount of “experts” that seem to have all our answers tied up in a neat little package that they provide for just a small monthly investment.

We start to believe the pitch and forget that relationships build business.  We neglect to the basic concepts that each person we touch is really a great resource for our business, even if they will never be our customer.
We target our customers and this is important but I’ve seen too many companies that were so focused on talking ONLY to their target market that they alienated everyone else.

We had a business relationship with a company that was very strict about who was followed on twitter; even angry with random people that they felt would never be a “client” that followed their accounts.
How does that make sense?  This is the best time on the planet to reach out and personally touch people.

Consumers are getting fed up with big brands that ignore their comments and concerns.  One industry that is notorious for this is gaming.  Pick any Face Book game page and read any area that has comments, you’ll see quickly that people want to be acknowledged and lack of personal response will be the death of these companies.

Bring this home to your own life.  Do you ever talk with friends or family about a company or product that you will never use but that would be of interest to them?

The social media arena has given a voice to those people that would otherwise not gain any notice regarding their likes and dislikes.  When you can address these people, become a person to them instead of a brand, they will feel a certain way about your brand even if they will never be your customer.  Each person out there has a social circle and those circles have your customers in them.

Treating people like they matter will pay off for your business.  I default to something I say too much but it is still a solid concept.

People will forget what you say, they will forget what you do, they will never forget how you made them feel.

2) Be a resource, an expert at what you do

Did the ability to conduct business EVERYWHERE cloud your view of your own backyard?

Getting involved with your local community will allow you reach those that may never hear about your business otherwise. 
Participating or helping to organize events in your industry will get you in front of your customers as well as others who may know your customers and be able to give you the green light when it comes to new business.

Once you are perceived as an expert in your field business will come to you organically.

Creating videos and podcasts are also a great way to gain the ears and eyes of your potential customers.

3) Contests

Yes, contests are still a great way to gain attention.  Be creative.  Contest prizes don’t have to be all inclusive vacations or cars to stir up a buzz.  Photo contests are great! People love to share pictures and if you can run a contest for the best picture of people using your product then you’ve just saved yourself a great deal of marketing budget.

A simple gift card can be enough to create interest in your contest.
Its okay to self promote.  You don’t have to be spammy to gain interest and drive new customers to your business.  Contests are a great way to get free advertising from the participants and who doesn’t love free advertising?

Hope this article was helpful and you were able to find a few ideas that you can use to increase your brand awareness and sales.

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