There is no shortage of firms that offer services to improve your website performance.  As a Web Design company, our days are filled with optimization tasks for our clients.  You may be in a position that you need a better website but not sure if you need front end, back end, on page or off page optimization and for most this is just too much information to sort through.

This article is going to give you information about 3 Free Tools provided by Google to anyone that owns a website.  If we take into consideration that Google directs a majority of the traffic that may or may not be directed to your website then we have to concede that tools and information that Google provides to improve your website should be given some weight.  

This economy has been a great teacher of how to work and grow on a budget for most business owners.  Any tool that you can use to improve your online brand and business is a welcomed gift:  you have enough expenses that need attention each month.
The video provided in this article was taken at a webinar that was hosted by Google.  It talks about three of their webmaster tools.

Google Webmaster Tools
Google Analytics
Google Website Optimizer

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The world is spinning pretty fast these days and if you aren’t armed with every possible tip and tool then you are simply letting your competition take that business that should’ve been yours.

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