Getting traffic to your website is the goal of every action you take regarding your site.  Once you’ve gone through the optimization of the site itself you’ll need to keep visitors, as well as search engines interested in your content.

Many of our clients are confused about the term “content”. 

Content is what your page shows and says to the visitors.  Content is your articles, blogs, images, videos, product etc.   Where the problem comes in for most site owners is what to write about.  This article may help you create great content and create this for your idea buyer’s interest level. Without great content the website traffic you want to get will simply bounce away.

Where most businesses take a wrong turn is believing that they think like their customers.  This is not the case. 

You know everything there is to know about your product.  You understand the pros and cons as well as the value and uses that your product or service provides.  Your customers don’t.

Google is rolling out new changes to their algorithm this summer.  You will need to be able to establish your website as an authority if you hope to be served up as one of the top organic results on page one.

Content is one huge area that you can use to help establish this Authority.

So let’s get you some ideas for what your content could be and how to use that content to bring visitors that are looking for information on your products.

In life taking the first step is often the hardest move to make.  It’s not easy to step out of YOUR mind set and step into the minds of your customers.  One great way to get started is to take 30 minutes with your staff and write down a list of the most common questions, complaints or concerns that your current clients or customers have shared with your business. 

When you have several of your team members involved with this process you’ll be surprised how quickly you will be able to create a good list in no time.  Fresh content is going to be a part of your business now so don’t stop writing down these customer questions just because you have 10 or so.  Keep the juices flowing and write as many and as fast as you can.  This list is going to be the titles for the content you’ll write on your site.

A few things are going to be working in your favor if you do this exercise.

  •     You will have plenty of good articles that address real needs
  •     Google will love your fresh content
  •     Each new article or blog is a new page that can be indexed by the search engines so your footprint increases each time your site posts new content
  •     Current and future customers will begin to see your business as a good source of valid information and you will be able to establish trust.

Using your article title for SEO

Each title of your article or blog is an opportunity to use keyword targeting.  You need to keep your titles to 70 characters or less.  Once you have the list down it’s time to create a great title.  This title is going to be the only tool you have to entice a person to click the link and read more.  Let’s go over a few examples of what I’m talking about.

Let’s pretend you’re a pet groomer.  Your list has questions like:

     How often should I groom my pet?
     Should I worry about outside weather before I groom?
     How can I stop my pet from scratching the raw skin?

So you have the common questions.  Where in those questions are your keywords and how best can you title your article to include the keywords in a naturally sounding way?

Go to Google AdWords tool page (this is free) and start typing the questions into the search bar.  What you will see is a long list of different search queries along with how many times a month those terms are searched and if they are high, medium, or low competition. 

I recommend going after the low or medium competition keywords.  You stand a better chance of showing up on page one of Google when you have less competition for the keyword. 

Use just one keyword in each title.  Trying to pack 4 keywords in one title or article will come off as unnatural to both the search engines as those that are performing the search to begin with.

As far as the time you devote to the article itself, you should spend 50% of your time coming up with the title and 50% of the writing the content.  Yes, the title is that important.

Positive or negative title?  I say do both.  There are advantages to asking a negative question or making a negative statement and using the article to address the negative and turn it into a positive.

So let’s look at two ways to present the same keyword

     Can fur balls endanger the life of your pet?
     3 signs that your pet is in danger, killer fur?
     How to spot danger signs by examining pet’s fur

Okay so it’s clear that I am not a pet groomer and my examples are just that, examples of the different titles you could use to build interest in the article you’ve written.   The point of this exercise is to show you that there are several ways to take a topic or question and build great interest for those that are looking for or come across your content.

Make a goal for your business to post at least two new blogs or articles each week.  Use your current customers experience and questions for the topics of your content.

Another great way to get new content is to poll or survey your customers.  Take a poll on face book or via your email marketing and ask questions.  You could ask for feedback, stories, concerns etc. 

I hope this article has given you some easy ideas to create your website content.  If you’d like more help understanding content and how to use it to gain more traffic and become an authority for the search engines, call me.  I work with business owners every day and am always happy to share my knowledge with those that need help.  You’ll never be asked to buy or subscribe to anything so keep your wallet shut and pick up the phone. 

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