Seems that everyone is talking about Graphic Optimization and the reasons that it’s important but no one really covers ALL the benefits that you can see by taking the time to Optimize the graphics on your website.

Before we dive into why your search engine results could be improved by this step, let’s talk in general about why images carry so much weight with your customers and visitors.

Most everything about proper development of your website is common sense but trust me, I’ve been derailed more times than I care to admit while creating a web article or page.  We seem to get tied up in all the steps of creating the best content, keyword density, flow of the content etc. that by the time we have completed this great content, our minds are jelly, and if we remember to add graphics, they get the last drop of our creative juices and we call it a finished product. 

Bad move.

Studies have proven that in the social markets, more people like and share content that have images attached. 

If we really look deep we can see that people are just not taking the time to really read these great pieces of content and opting instead to base a decision on if they like or want to share your content, based solely on the image they are presented with.  That’s powerful stuff!  

The power of the image is so strong that, if you really pay attention to Facebook for example you will see a trend in the images.  Businesses are choosing to put the text right on the image to have more of an impact.

So what does that mean to you?

People (your customers) make choices based on how something makes them feel, bottom line.  If they feel safe, if they trust the brand, if they feel that their personal lives will be better by making that choice, that's when you are able to create a customer.

Now, if you sell baked goods in a store then your product will do most of the selling for you.  Your customers can use more of their 5 senses to come to a decision.  They can see the cake, they can smell the cake, and they can touch the cake, they can even hear the other customers talking about how great that cake tastes.   This is not the case when your product or idea is being presented in a webpage. 

Graphics on your site need to really engage your visitor visually; strike a chord, make them feel something.  Graphics can take your content and put together a visual story that a customer can relate too.

Graphic Optimization

So that is why graphic optimization is good for business but you have to get the business to your page first so let’s now talk about why graphics impact your search engine optimization.

Google is not blind to the likes of their users.  They understand that pictures can give a more complete story, and provide a better experience for a user who is directed to a webpage.  They consider this use of images a sign of better content perhaps.  So when given a choice of several sites that may be a good search match, and all factors are pretty even, your use of optimized graphics could be the tie breaker.

Optimization of your graphics doesn’t begin or end with just tossing up an image. 
It is more than just a picture:

Google is blind.  A crawl of your site will tell them that there is an image, but there is no current technology that will tell a bot what that picture is about or let it read the text that is included in that picture.  You have to help that bot understand.

Image titles are key.  It’s shocking to see how many sites have fantastic graphics that really make you feel something, great text inside that image that brings it all together for you but the image is titled something like image0123.jpg.   How disappointing for the search engines.   They crawled your page, they saw an image (they like that) but because image0123.jpg means nothing to them, it has no reference to what live humans are seeing in that image, it is not able to assign you authority for that great graphic.

Now let’s instead change the name of the great graphic to something that is relevant to the content on the page, perhaps the keyword that was your target for that article?   When a bot is crawling your page and they see a good amount of content, key worded in a natural way, maybe links that will give even more information to your visitor and an image that is titled “most amazing cake in Texas”, well now you’re cooking with fire.

It doesn’t stop there though.

A few things that Google themselves have recommended (when Google give you tips, it’s wise to listen).  Google webmaster help page is just full of great information to help site owners understand and get better results from their sites.
Google likes pages that load fast.  They understand that people don’t have much time to waste waiting for a page to load.  When your graphics are not optimized, meaning that there is a ton of white space or you are using a file type that creates more size in that file that is needed, it can make a difference in the time it takes to load on your visitors side.

Playing with the file type to see which one will give you the best image with the smallest over file size is worth your time and effort.

Look, we understand that creating a website that engages your buyers, while at the same time gives you the best search engine benefits can be time consuming and frustrating if you are not a graphic designer. 

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