Businesses with a blog tend to have 55% more visitors to their websites than those that don’t blog.  This means more traffic and ultimately more sales.

Although everyone talks about blogging, many people are unclear about what a blog really means and how to use this type of tool for their business.

When the word blog came into our vocabulary it really referred to the everyday people that wrote about their opinions or experiences and posted those stories online.  It was like a journal or diary that was for public review and comment.

A blog is simply a collection of articles that provide education, helpful, valuable content that your target market is interested in.  This is why blogs can be such an effective way to bring prospects to your website.

How To Blog

Why does blogging get more traffic?
Each blog or article post creates a new page on your website.  This means that Google and the other search engines can index that page and your customers can find you because of this new page.
Google is really moving toward providing users with authority sites.  If your website is not offering helpful content to your customers you lack the authority ranking factors and organic traffic will be low to your site.
Here are a few tips regarding your blog
Pick one keyword for every new post.  Use keywords that have low competition. (Google keyword tool is free to use) Create articles that can incorporate the keyword you choose in the title of your article.  Remember, each page is a new URL address that can be offered up to users searching for that particular search phrase.

Your articles need to be written for the readers. Use language that speaks to your readers. Break up your paragraphs.  Use section headers, bullet points and great images to keep your readers attention.
Don’t forget to share your new posts through social media accounts.  When you have written posts that are interesting to your idea customer persona they will share your blogs and the result will be more traffic to your site.
Why to host this blog on your site and not on a third party site.
If you want to have a presence on a blogging site like or Tumblr that’s great but…….. Those sites should but used in addition to and not instead of posting your blogs on your own site. 

Remember that the search engines see this as an authority point for you.  If you post off site then it is that site that gains this authority.  You want Google to see your site as a great choice to serve up to users.

Sites that have 600 to 1000 indexed pages see 6 times the leads than those sites with fewer indexed pages.  6X is a huge number! 71% of buyers say that blogging content impat their buying decisions.

What could that do for your business?
Need help setting up your business blog?  Complete Web Solutions can help you create a solid strategy that will improve your ranking and provide your customers great content.  We are located in Las Vegas, NV to better provide our clients with that personal attention you need when your website is in need of a boost.  Call today 719 302 5029.