Great question! Any smart business owner knows the value of a dollar, especially in this new economy. How can you increase your sales without breaking your budget?  Learn the things you can do to increase your sales on a budget.

Increasing sales while spending less is the goal right?

Every product or service that you offer has a net and gross revenue number attached to it.  If you then add in the cost to gain your customers with pay per click ads or other similar type expenditures, you can end up increasing your gross sales but making less net revenue.  We see this with clients that have ignored the power of their websites, and instead of turning the site into a 24/7 super energizer sales tool they resort to throwing money into ads.

I want to be clear that advertising is a valid and beneficial tool for a business, but with a little time and knowledge you can get that sweet organic traffic that is out there right now searching for YOU but finding your competitors.

Increasing sales by using your website first

The amount of time and money you put into your website is no guarantee that it is ready to work for you in the search engines or customer optimization arena. 
There could be some assumptions made by a business owner about what their website will and will not be doing for their business. It's you understand what needs to be done with your website to increase sales.

There are a few really important factors and web design tips you need to know.

What you, as a site owner, can do to get the ball rolling with your new or existing site should be a priority if you are looking to increase sales.

Check list

  • Is your site indexed?  This means that you have a site map that the search engines can use to see and understand each page on your site.
  • Did you submit your site to the directories that are relevant to your business?  You can’t expect that they will seek you out. 
  • Do you have a relationship with a web design company?
  • Are your page titles clean using keywords relevant to the content on each page?
  • Do your URL’s have clean paths? URL’s that show mean nothing to the search engines and will not be working for you as a sales tool.  You want to have good URL’s like  
  • Did you take the time to research the keywords that your customers are using when searching for your product?
  • Do you know what keywords your competitors are using and which keywords work best for them?
  • Are you creating new content on a consistent basis using your keywords as titles and topics for the content?
  • Are you using images and videos to better explain or engage your visitors and did you optimize the keywords for those images?
  • Does each page provide a clear call to action for your visitor?  Do they know what to do next to learn more or make a purchase?
  • Is your content written in a way that your idea customer understands and does it solve their need?
  • Is your content fresh and original?  Duplicate content will do nothing for your ranking with Google.  If you aren’t sure about your content you can use Copyscape to check for duplicate content. (checking an existing page is no cost, checking for content that is not yet posted will require a small charge)
  • Are you sharing your information via social media networks?

These are all ways to drive up your sales and they cost you nothing but time.  If you are not able or willing to spend the time to turn your website into a sales tool then you have a few choices.

You can continue to increase your ad budget or you can hire a firm to do these tasks for you.

Complete Web Solutions educates our clients and removes the fog of misinformation about SEO and website development.  We treat our clients business as if it were ours.  Understanding why your site will or will not be attracting traffic is vital knowledge to have.

If a long term success plan is not what you’re looking for, or you are not willing to take the time involved to reap the long term benefits of an organic traffic machine, then pay per click is really the only option left. 

Did you want to talk more? Did you know that we are located in Colorado and charge nothing to answer your questions regarding no cost solutions to increasing your sales?

Well, it’s true and we can help you with your website questions today.  Just call 719 302 5029.  Your competitors are spending their time to gain advantage.  It’s your turn.