In today’s world and economy there is no such thing as “Build it and they will come”.  Every day a new website goes up with the greatest intentions and expectations.   Most business owners have committed a large investment of time and money into creating a service or product that solves a need or desire.   You put up your site, start a Face book page and wait for the stampede. The question of how you get customers still lingers in the air.

The truth is the stampede is more of a trickle and revenue and hopes both become bleak. You may find yourself asking the question "How do I get customers?" 

If your business is online only and you have no foot traffic this can mean the end of your dreams.

The two main sources to Get Web Traffic on the web come from PayPer Click or Banner ads and organic search engine results.

Let’s talk about these two traffic drivers.

Pay Per Click is the only way to guarantee that your site is always going to be on the top of the page when your customers are searching for your keywords.   Most people that have used the search bar more than once will understand that there are 13 results on the first page, three are ads and 10 are organic results returned by the search engine.  You also have a list running down the right hand side.  The first 3 listings and the listing on the side are all paid for ads.  These ads will appear when you have bid on a keyword and given Google the authority to spend money, based a preset budget for any given day. Getting more customers does not have to cost you a fortune.

Each time someone clicks on your ad it is taken from your daily budget until you have reached your preset spending limit.   You are pretty much guaranteed to spend your budget and to have people arrive at your site.  A daily budget varies from site to site but you can expect to pay a minimum of about $300 per month for ads.  There are tools that you can use to see how much your competitors are budgeting for their ads and what keywords they are going after.

Fact: 80 per cent of those people sitting in front of their keyboards do not ever click on the paid ads.  Think about it.  Consumers want to educate themselves first then buy with an educated choice.   Ads are all calls to action and sales pitches.   Do you like to be sold?

Organic search results are the other ten sites on the page.  This is where you have really started to make it.  The more times you can show up on the first page of those results, the more buyers will come to your site and the less money you will have to budget per month for business traffic.

Getting to this page has been the goal of every website owner since the beginning of the business website.  To get a better idea of the factors involved with getting to page one you can read how does Google work and take a minute to understand organic search engine optimization. 

Over the years it has been a daily battle between the Search Engines and the Black Hatters to see how the rules could be broken.   I want to say that Google is smarter then you.  They may not catch you right away but if you are trying to use cheats and tricks to gain page one position then it is just a matter of time before your site is tossed into what they refer to as the Sandbox.

This is a nice little penalty area where your domain will spend time and NEVER appear on ANY searches from consumers.  You may be able to correct the problem and be freed from the Search prison but you may end up having to scrap your whole URL and start over.

Offers of overnight success are tempting for sure but in the end you will not be on page one, you will not increase your traffic and you will not provide a solid stream of revenue for you, your family or your business.

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