How do you get on the first page of Google?  Every business owner with a web site has asked this question.  Some companies will tell you it’s a snap.  Other people will tell you that Google changes its algorithm so often that it’s hard to say.

The first step is to know where consumers are searching for your product or service. Getting on the first page of Google is all about optimizing your website.

Business owners are not expected to be internet gurus.  Your website is going to be based on what your product or service is, that is what you know, that is what your expertise is in.   Sometimes it’s hard to stand back and see your business from the eyes of the consumer. 

Example - You may sell a very specific product or service with industry buzz terms and long, hard to spell names.   You may decide to make your page really relevant to these terms and specific names but find that you don’t seem to be getting to the top page or if you do get there, you are not getting traffic.

Research is critical.  Most keyword research can be performed for free.  You just have to think like a consumer.   You may have a terrific “internal nerve massage system”, everything you write about refers to this system but what you’re missing is your consumer is not searching for that term or phrase.   You’ve worked so hard to get your site seen but no one is looking for it so your product sits on the shelf.

Ask yourself instead; why do people want my product?  What does it solve for them?  Would my product be great for those people that are searching for help with their Foot pain?  Is my product good for Reducing Migraines?   Get into the mindset of the people looking for answers to their problem rather than focusing on the Name of your product.

If you have time to devote to educating yourself, how Google Works would be a great place to start.  When you need to know how to get customers it is worth understanding the arena you’re being asked to operate in.

Getting on Google page one is like going on a diet, if you are not willing to put in the time it takes to really get healthy or you believe that eating right for a week should result in great results, you will find that competing on the world wide web will be a very costly and unproductive experience for you.

Think of the web like a huge Yellow Pages.  This huge directory has over 600,000,000 different listings.  You are not going to make it to page one without understanding why Google will consider your site and why they won’t.

Do you have a Social Media Campaign?  Is it working?  Are you working it? Getting to Page one of Google is worth the time.   Only 20% of those people searching for products online will ever click on a paid Ad   Pay Per Click can be very costly and return a very disappointing return on your investment.

Finding a company that will take the time to listen to your goals, understand your business and your customers can be just as hard as getting to the top of Google.   Let’s set a time where we can go over YOUR needs, budget and goals.   There is never a cost for the consultation.   Our clients’ success is our main focus.   We are located in the United States and use only Google approved methods to provide organic search engine optimization.

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