If you want more get more customers you need to have a high search engine rank.  Businesses want to get more customers because more customers means more for profit.  Your buyers are looking for products and services that you have to offer and they want to buy. If you want to get more customers you'll need to understand the following information.

Consider a few things about the internet in general:

  • Over 1 billion people are online. 
  • People are spending twice as much time on the internet as they are watching television.
  • Over $143.2 billion dollars are spent each year online.

Those customers you’re looking for are using search engines to find the goods and services they want to spend their money on.  You can get more customers when you take the time to make your site for your customers needs.

If you have low search engines rankings then you will not be seen by your customers when they are ready to buy.

But wait! With over 600 million websites out there how do you stand a chance to make it to the first page of the search results?  Each one of those website are also looking for ways to get more customers.
You have to optimize your web pages.
If you fall under the impression that as long as a search engine knows your page is there and all you have to do is simply submit your website to every search engine under the sun for your ranking to be top spot; then this information is not going to make you very happy.

You came here looking to find more customers; your quest should be how I get on the first page of Google, because that's how you get more customers.

Without optimizing your website for not only the search engines, but your customers as well, you will be looking at spending a huge amount of money on advertising and pay per click campaigns.

Just a quick note about paid ads; less than 20% of users will click on a paid ad when doing a search for a product. Your buyers are more educated now than ever before, they want to buy from a site that has earned its way to the top. They trust the search engines to bring them that company.

If your business is relying strictly on organic search engine traffic and you are not on the first page of Google then chances are very low that you will ever be found.

Based on information from Georgia Institute of Technology, 75% of people searching for an item or topic, never scroll past page one. This means you must be one of the ten sites on that page to be in the running for that new customer.

Can you just optimize your page and sit back to wait for the money to roll in?  Let me just say this, your competitors are not just sitting back. They are actively using every tool out there to find and provide solutions to your customer’s needs and wants.

Getting More Customers
To really optimize your site you have to first know who your buyers are and how help them find you.  Our article titled Where are my customers will help you to create an idea buyer persona so that when you begin optimizing your website you will be able to use the search terms that your customers are using as well as language on your pages that speaks to your buyer personas need or pain.

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