Increasing your page ranking means letting the search engines understand just what you have to offer to the people that are looking for products and services. This series will cover the steps you’ll need to take to increase your page ranking.

1st Step is optimizing keywords correctly
How do you go about optimizing keywords?  First you need to understand what keyword optimizing means.  Keywords show up in your page title, content, anchor text and url’s.  They are everywhere and, if used correctly can create that stream of idea customers to your website. When your content is clearly written around your product, you will get the page ranking increase that you're looking for.

Let’s go over what an anchor text is and how it works.
When you hear “anchor text” (and you might be hearing it a lot recently since Google has targeted unnatural anchor text for penalties), they are talking about the links that show up on page content.  When you see “Click Here” or “Read More” that is anchor text.

Google has given much weight to “anchor text” links coming to your site from other sites to determine ranking.  Like all good things, it was abused and gave unfair weight to those websites that knew how to work the system.

Because this type of linking means so much to Google, it is important that you understand and properly use this technique. 

Anchor text is not just about other sites linking to your site.  The content on your site should also have these anchor text links to better educate your visitors to additional information about a product or service.  If you’ve ever been to Wikipedia you can see what I’m talking about.  Each subject will offer additional information that has to do with the topic your reading.

Increase your page rank
Google wants to know that visitors are being given the best information possible.  They have decided that if your website has “exact keyword match” anchor texts coming from over 20% of the links pointing to your page, that these are “unnatural”, this means that they assume you have either been the one that put those links in place or that you have paid to have them put there.  This makes Google very unhappy and they are now going to penalize sites that have these high “exact match” anchor texts.

So how do you avoid this devastating penalty?  Make sure to use different wording in your anchor texts.  Instead of anchoring to the keyword “Red Water Shoes”, mix it up.  Use “click here for more info”, “different color water shoes”, "Why water shoes are better when Red”, or simply put the URL link into the content.  This is more natural in the eyes of Google and you will get that great ranking credit that you’re seeking.

Page titles are also pretty big deals when it comes to ranking.  A page title shows up in the top bar of the browser you’re using when you visit a site.  Each page on your site should have a unique page title that is relevant to what is on that page and is optimizing your keywords.
If your visitor is on a page that talks about the benefits of using Vitamins to extend life, then that page title should clearly state that fact.  A good page title for example might be Vitamin A Extends Life | Your Site Name

You want to title this page with your keywords in mind but also for the customer that is searching for this information or product.  That page title is going to show up in the search query.  People decide whether they are going to click on a link based solely on the title and the small bit of the description.

You only get about 70 characters to work with for the title.  Google will not display anything longer so if your title is longer than 70 characters, see if you can make that enticing to a customer by removing an unneeded stop words.   The search engines tend to ignore the words like “the”, “or”, “and” etc.  Can you create a good title without those stop words?  If so, then do it.   Take advantage of the 70 characters to get your point across.

Okay, if you’re ready to move on to step two then click here.  We’re going to be going over how to improve your site rank by making Google see you as an authority.

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