This article about increasing page rank is #2 in our How to improve page rank series.  There is a lot of information so we broke it up to make the information easier to grasp.  In this article we are going to be talking about how you increase page rank and what makes Google assign this rank to your site.
The term page rank or website ranking can have two different meanings.  Ranking can be where your site shows up on the search query and page rank is a number from 0-10 that Google assigns to the page itself.  Each page on your site can have its own page rank. The authority of the content on that page will be a factor in increasing the page rank.

It goes to reason that if Google has given your site a high rank that you would be served up more in the search results.
So let’s talk about this 0 to 10 number.

You may see marketers talk about the “PR” of a site.  They are talking about Page Rank.  Going back to the changes that Google is making in how they determine “PR”, they are paying closer attention to how and who is linking to your site.  The higher the “PR” for the sites linking to YOUR site, the more impact it has on your own site “PR”.  Google treats links like votes in a popularity contest.  The more votes from recognized sites the better.
If you’re competing with another website for position on the organic searches and they are ranked PR4 while you are ranked PR0 or PR1 it becomes hard to take the lead on page one of Google.
Take the time to get your site listed in the relevant site directories.  This may mean you have to pay a few dollars to be listed, although there are “FREE” directories listings, it can take up to 6 months to show up with the freebies.  If you are not looking for immediate results then it’s fine to just go with the free directory listings.
Be very careful not to get involved with link farms.  Google frowns on anyone that tries to buck the system and they WILL find out. 
You want to have relevant sites linking to your web pages.  Again, Google is suspicious of a link coming from a site that is all about dog grooming that is linking to a site that sells shoes.  This is a red flag to Google and you risk being penalized. 
The hard truth is that unless you have great content on your site and you have built a website that visitors can easily navigate and find the information they’re looking for then getting links from other sites in a natural way is going to be just about impossible.
The old ways included; buying links, buying domains that had the PR and linking to your main site, emailing other sites and asking to have a link in exchange for a link. (This can work if those sites are relevant to your product or service).  
There are thousands of eBooks and articles about link building and right now most SEO firms have taken the stance of stopping most link building until the Google changes have become clear.
If you have a new site (less than 4 months old) please understand that for the most part Google only pushes the “PR” once a quarter.  That is not to say that it never happens at any other time but I want you to understand this so you don’t get disappointed if you see no change for months.  You CAN show up on page one of Google even with a zero page rank and a new site.  Have good content.
Get your content out on the web and let people see you.  The next article in this series will be talking about Articles, Press Releases and how you can earn ranking from them.
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