In case you didn’t hear the buzz, 2/3’s of consumers are searching three or more times each week online via mobile devices.

Studies are showing that by 2015 it is expected that searches via tablets and smart phones will overtake desk top searches.

What does that mean to a business owner?

It means that if your website is not mobile ready then you are going to be ignored by search engines and customers during their search.

Do you need a mobile app or just a mobile ready site?

That depends on your business model.  Apps are plentiful and they can come in handy but no every business would benefit from their customers having an app.  Apps can be costly (supply and demand) and like all technology that is perceived as “cutting edge” or must have tools will tend to be priced higher than needed.

Can you achieve the goal with simply making your website mobile ready? 

There are many ways to make your website mobile ready.  You could develop your site with a mobile ready theme; you could use responsive web design technology to allow your site to be viewed in different ways based on the device that is being used by the visitor.

Either way you choose would be up to your unique needs and the products and services your company provides.

The question that should not be asked is, “do I have to design my website to be accessible on mobile devices?”

The answer to that question is absolutely!

You must make it as easy as possible for your customers or clients that are using mobile devices to find your business fast!  We are not really good at taking time to find what we want these days.  If “out of sight, out of mind” ever held truth it is with consumers and their need for immediate gratification.

If your website is slow to load, renders wrong in the different browsers, uses amazing Flash images that Apple products won’t show a visitor or the site simply requires too much work to navigate on their iPad or smart phone then you just lost not only that sale but all the possible sales from that customers friends and family that they are dying to tweet, post and share their latest purchase with.

A website, even for a small company is how you enhance your business.  Your website becomes a super salesperson that works nonstop and never takes coffee breaks.  Your customers use your website to understand your products as well as your business.  You are being judged by your website. 

Human nature does not fade away just because of the internet, it actually becomes more natural to gage the trust and reliability of a business and their products and services by strolling around their websites.
Without being politically incorrect, I’m going make a bold statement that some will want to defend.  Claims that we don’t judge a book by its cover is a great claim to make but when it comes to where customers are spending their cash these days you can’t run your business on the idea that people will see through a badly designed website and they will still do business with your company. 

Imagine that you are hiring for your company and in the waiting room you have candidates waiting to wow you with their skills. 

One candidate is dressed in a nice suit, clean hair and has their brief case that must hold their supporting documents that they’re ready to show you.
One candidate is sporting a Mohawk, has tattoos on their neck, face and hands.  Their clothes are more grunge then business.

Let’s assume that you are hiring for a position that will be working with your customers face to face. 

Even after you’ve taken the time to go over the resumes and you see that the Mohawk candidate is far superior with their knowledge and experience and they are just what your company needs to grow, you would not want them to be the face that represents your company on the front line.  Why?  Because you KNOW that you will be judged by the visual representation of your staff.

There is no difference between that scenario and how your customers will judge you by your website.  It is all they can see.  They can’t see how hard you work behind the scenes.  They can’t see the days you don’t take off or how amazing your services or products are.  They never get that far because of the face you showed them.

Our development team creates each website on a responsive platform.  Your website is customized to bring your personality and pride of business to your customers.

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