Business owners seek the same goal with their websites; Customers.  The power of keywords are hard to understand until you understand that keywords hold all the power. Web solutions online is all about how certain parts of your websites are working for you to bring these customers. 

Have you ever really given thought to the value of Google?

How is Google valued at over 100 billion dollars? How in the world can they get away with charging as much as $50.00 for a click?  They are masters of precise targeting.  Targeting through Keywords.

Let’s assume that you are not interested in paying Google big money to have your “Ads” seen on the first page.  “Personally, we’re all about getting the traffic that ads generate for FREE”.
How do you take advantage of the Google targeted keywords without paying for them?  Keywords are the golden tickets for your web solutions.

Keywords are FREE or are they?

It’s said there is no free lunch.  There is a cost to everything we do, but sometimes that cost is not money.  Finding the right targeted keywords for YOUR idea customer will cost you time.  This time is the most important use of your day if you are a business owner looking for solutions to bring the right visitor to your site.

Every page on your site is a “free ad”.  That’s right, you heard me.  Each time you create a new page that offers a product, service, or just information about your business, you are creating your own little ad that can, if used correctly, show up on page one of Google.  When you realize this fact, it becomes clear why your choice of keywords will make or break that new page.

Look at the image below.  You see the search term or (keyword) if “Office Staples”.   The first spot is an ad that paid some big cash for.  ( has a daily Ad words budget of $44.63k - $54.62k) Most businesses will not have this type of budget.

When you take a good look at the information that Google has used and will deliver to the person doing the search, you can see how important it is to make sure that the right keyword is showing up for your page.
You can clearly see that the keywords or the parts of the keywords are bolded.  The closer your page comes to the full keyword phrase, the better your chances of showing up for that search.

Having a successful, profitable website can be realized it you understand the rules and you use those rules on each page of your site.

Do you need to start from scratch and develop a new website or can you upgrade your current site?

It will depend on how your current site was built in the first place.  Get together with our team and have them take a look at the structure and platform for your website.  If the code can be altered to create a good optimized site then you can stick with a makeover.

There are sites that are just not built to provide you the tools to optimize pages, URL’s, descriptions etc.  In those cases it will be wise to get your new site built as soon as possible. 

Your competitors are spending the time to create a dominate website presence.  

Complete Web Solutions provides no cost consultations.  You can feel comfortable that a call to our office will never be a push for your credit card.  The information you will receive can make a difference for your business.  

Do you want to know how your site stands up to the optimization test?  Call 719 302-5029 and find out now