From the development stand point, a website has to have a clear goal.  For most business owners that goal is their products and services.

Simple right?

But a website that gets no traffic is just a colored flyer and does nothing to improve your brand or move your products and services.

I want to give you some free SEO.

For some unknown reason it seems that a lot of people are under the impression that Google needs and wants to see every single product and service you provide on one page.  For most site owners that turns into a home page that is full of everything.  Very little thought or time seems to go into the content pages that are the real bread winners on a website.

Why your home page is not going to be found for ALL your products and what to do about it.

Let’s say that you are providing marketing services.  You have mailing lists, auto dialers, call centers, data lists and several other marketing tools that you provide.  You want to Google to bring you everyone that is looking for any and all of these marketing tools.  Your home page gives a blurb about everything you offer; you’ve taken the time to optimize your page titles and stuffed them full of 5 keywords.  Your Meta description is also full of the keywords that you’re looking to rank for and still you can’t understand why your page is not the shining star on the front page of the Google search.

Now let’s step into the mind of Google and potential client or customer that is tapping away at the keyboard trying to find the product they need or want.
This potential client knows they need some kind of help.  They may start with data lists.  So into the search bar they go, “Data Lists” is their search.

Now Google has seconds to determine what website would be suit this persons needs.  They will, of course, be using many factors to make this determination but on an even playing field between your site and the competitions site it can come down to the fact that the competition has focused several articles and pages that have nothing to do with anything else but “Data Lists”, while you on the other hand have given the best information about your data lists on the home page along with everything else you offer and the page to actually purchase your data lists has a tiny amount of content with prices.

Google is going to pick the competition that has the page title that says “Data Lists”, the URL that says “Data Lists”, the Images that have Meta tags that say “Data Lists” and the Meta description that says... well, you get the point.

Google is looking to deliver back the closest and best results for that search term that your customer typed in the bar.

Do you think that the person doing the search is ever going to type in something like “data lists, auto dialers, call centers and every other tool I can find”?  NO, they are not and that, in a nut shell is why you are not showing up on page one for every search for products you provide.

You know that each page on your website gets indexed and ranked and can show up on page one of the search results.  Do you understand the beauty of virtual real estate?  It is free to create pages and pages that give information and education about the products that you are, or should be seen as the ultimate authority in that arena.  The more you can talk about different ways others have used your product to solve their problems and, as long as you’ve taken some time to do your keyword research to find out just what these people are actually typing into that search bar, the better chance you stand to be found on page one for thousands of different searches.

Trying to make each page a home for every keyword you want is really destructive to you. 

Do you want some one on one help with your page structure?  Do you mind that I’m going to give you more information then you thought you wanted?  Call me, I’m the project manager at Complete Web Solutions and this is what I do so I stay right on the front lines every day. 

You need not worry that your wallet will be abused during our chat; I am offering this for FREE.  The only thing I ask is that when, and if, you do ever want to make over your site, you give me a call first.  Is that fair?

My direct number is 719.302.5029 or you can email me and arrange a time that we can really spend some time on your content strategy.

Hope this article helps.