It may not be fun, it may not be fair, but if you own a website and your site provides any contribution to your revenue then it’s time you understand what exactly is going on from your customers’ point of view.

Because of the nature of my business, I have a unique vantage point not only my clients but from their customers.  Too often a business owner is so far out of touch with what is going on outside his doors that not only do they ignore all the signals, reports and studies but they live under the impression that the rest of the worlds new fangled way of doing things is just not right for them.

It’s hard for me to hear this.  I bite my tongue quite a bit, after all I am not part of your business, and my lifestyle is not going to change if your business continues to struggle.  But I’m one of those people that just can’t stand by and watch when there are easy ways to fix an issue. So here I stand on my soap box explaining to business owners that the look and feel of their websites are playing a bigger and bigger part of their success or failure every day, month and year.

The cold hard truth is that you are going to have to step up and provide a new standard of quality for your products.  For some businesses this will not be a problem.  Let’s say you own a shoe store.  This takes some of the pressure off.  You’re able to display images that were created professionally by the brands you sell.  In most cases though this is not the case.

Let’s talk about restaurants in particular for this demonstration.

There is no disputing the fact the people buy with their eyes first but they also eat with their eyes first.  With photo sharing sites like Pinterest becoming more and more popular the bar has risen on what looks good and what is not worth buying or even trying for a meal.

Your customers are out there right now searching online via desktops, tablets and smart phones to find their next meal.  If you have no website you're not even going to be one of their choices.  If you have a website with menu’s that that show no images, you just lost 50% of those customers.  If you have a website and you have images but they don’t make these customers taste your food with their eyes then you just lost that customer to the restaurant down the street.

I know you work more hours than you’d care to admit and the thought of having to take the time to create images that entice and display amazing images of your food is the last thing on your to do list, but if you can’t feed the eyes then you won’t feed the stomachs. 

It is the least expensive and biggest return on your investment of time that you can do for your establishment.  It’s what your customers expect.

Which plate would you choose? If you were deciding where to eat and these two pictures were all you were given to make your choice, which one would you choose?

Not a great image to entice your customersBetter image to show off your great food
Terrible image for selling pizzaGreat looking image for selling pizza.

Go ahead, tell me that your customers are all regulars and you don’t need the extra business.  Fantastic, but unless you never want to increase your business you must get in the game.

It will never go backwards.  It will only continue to become a visually stimulated marketplace.  That amazing dish that you offer will not stand a chance if your website is not presenting it to the public in the right way.

We can help.  You are not expected to be an expert in web or graphic design, if you were, it would be your writing this article instead of me. You are only expected to do what you do best.  Creating a presence for your business online and making sure that your business shows up when customers are searching for a meal is what we do best. 

Can your business sustain the long haul if you don’t offer customers what they want?

Call today and we can talk about your needs, a plan of action and create the solution.  Your business is worth the time for the call.  Complete Web Solutions is located in Las Vegas, NV and works with clients from all states. 

Call now, someone just picked a meal based on a Google search did they walk in your door?  719 432-5029