This is the 3rd article in our series on increasing your page ranking.  In this section we are going to talk about articles and press releases to not only get natural links to your site but to how important articles are to your over all search engine optimization.

Any piece of information you post regarding your business/website is important to your search engine optimization.  Posting blogs, articles and press releases are going to be part of your business if you want to rank for better traffic.

Each time you create a new article on your site, you have just given the search engines one more location on the net to find information about your product/service.  Each of these locations can be tapped by the search engines to fulfill the search query from that customer looking for what you have to offer.  This means that using keywords is just as critical in these articles and press releases as it is in the page titles and URLs.

Before you get busy writing your amazing content, make sure you know where that content is going to be posted.  Keeping in mind that duplicate content will not earn you any brownie points, it’s important that your posts are not only coming from your main website but also that they appear as original content from other sites that link the information back to your site.

It is not a bad idea to have an account on a site but you will want to make sure that the credit for that article is given to your site.  When you’re building your brand you want people to get the most information directly from your site and not have your potential customers visiting one blog site and need to click to go to your site. 
Page RankingYou want Google to see that your article is coming from your URL and not another site.  For example if you write a great informational piece on your own site then you will get a link that looks like so you are getting the credit.  If you post that same content on a blog site then the link that shows up under the search query will be, Google is giving credit to the blog site for that great content.
Most of the article sites and blog sites have moved to no follow links.  A no follow link is set up to tell the search engines that when they see a link that points to another site, they should ignore it and NOT follow or give rank to the site that the link is pointing at.   Just because you don’t get rank for this link does not mean it is not worth posting there.  If your content is good then you could gain business and be found by others that may want to link directly to your site.
Article directories as well as press release sites have come under a lot of pressure from Google and many that were large and well known have closed their doors and no longer exist.

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