Being a web design company gives us a unique view of the impact that landing pages have on business.  It goes to reason that our involvement with different industries and the design requirements from the actual living person behind a web design project, opens up a live testing field that most businesses do not have at their disposal.

Where this unique vantage point really pays off is in the ability to see the real time impact that small changes or tweaks can have on the overall click through and sales on a site.

The smallest changes can really make a difference. 

This article is going to cover a few of those small changes and we hope that each business owner that reads this can walk away with a new understanding of how to use small changes to earn more customers and clients.

When it comes to web design, the old saying “can’t see the forest through the trees” really takes on a real life meaning.  Business owners are too close to the issue to really see the whole picture when it comes to their website design and layout.

Going over the small changes is not enough; you need to understand why those changes make a difference.

Know who you’re customers are.

As easy as it sounds, it’s not so easy to really keep “who” is reading your page and “what” on your page will speak to this customer.  Changing the content on your page without first taking the time to clearly define your (idea customer persona) is just tossing darts and hoping they find the target.

Once you know, and can think like that person who is reading and viewing your page, you can better use these tips to change visitors into clients and customers.

Images / Videos

Why ignore the research? Big money has been spent to gauge the impact that using images and videos have on response to articles and offers.  There is no excuse out there to ignore this research.  Take advantage of the power of images, but any image is not good enough.

Grabbing an image of a man walking on the beach is great if that tells your story.  But did you take the time to get inside your customer persona? If you’re page is speaking to a need or desire that targets more women than men, even if it fills the need of both sexes; “who” makes that final choice to click the buy now button?

Since we know that a picture is worth a thousand words, let’s really spend some time on what that picture is going to say to your website visitors.  Many times we’ve seen that so much time was spent on the actual words on a page that all the “creative juice” has been squeezed out, leaving the author mentally drained and eager to complete the chore and move on.

We have been there so no judgment going on here. One idea is to get up, walk around, grab a cool drink or a cup of tea and come back to your task.  The small details will be the tipping point, so don’t get in too much of a hurry that you lose the majority of the benefits of your content.

Where are you finding your images?

Once you understand just how important the right image could be to the success of your business, you can better choose where your images will be coming from.  Are you using a Google image search to get that perfect image?

While it is quick and easy to search images that work for your content on a Google search, it winds up with you picking the best image shown but not the “perfect” image you need.

A few good sites to find professional images for less than $1

Get the images that sell your idea or product and target the mind set of your idea customer with these images and videos.

If a landing page or sales page is not performing to your expectations; test different images.

Take the time to see your page the way your customer or client would see it.

Decide if you are going to use positive or negative content to bring home your point.

There are different ways to sell an idea.  Negative or positive, pro or con.  Use one or both and test the results.  Let’s cover this topic a bit.

Let’s pretend that you have a dandruff product.  First we’ll go on the negative sell.

Phrases like this are negative: They speak to the problem

Stop the embarrassment
You don’t need to hide your problem

Phrases like this are positive: They speak to the solution

Love your scalp and hair
Show off your confidence in public

Both of these examples above could be used to sell your product.  Each will appeal to a different type of customer.  Make sure your images portray your goals and the content.

An image for the negative content could be a woman/man/teen looking in the mirror and feeling sad.  The positive image could be a woman/man/teen out in a group of people laughing and feeling confident.

They both work.  Which one will speak to your visitors? 

If you find yourself struggling with a landing page that is just not bringing it to the finish line, call our offices today.

Complete Web Solutions is more than a web design / development company.  Our team takes the time to really look at what is being said and shown on your site in addition to the technology used to build your website.  After all, a great website, built with the latest technology is just a pretty picture if it does not bring you new business.

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