How Much Money Did You Save?

Running a business means you wear a lot of hats.  One of the hats covers your cash flow and budget goals.

Since I speak with business owners each day, it makes it easy to see certain patterns and concerns that most owners share with me.

It’s not that you don’t know what you need; it seems that it’s more about needing to make the allotted budget or cash flow to cover what you know you need.

What Is Content Strategy?

Providing great quality content and having a content strategy is the main foundation of a website.  Google webmasters bring up this issue on just about every video and piece of content they speak about.  

So let’s delve into what a good content strategy would look like.


I Know I Need A Website - Now What?

You need a website.  Your business depends on it. Now what? How do you know who to call and what to ask?  How to you make sure that you’re website project will not turn into one of those horror stories about sites that took six months to complete, or just never got completed. Needing a website is logical.  Knowing the type of website you need is a little more tricky.


SEO One & Done?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is not a one and done solution and let’s talk about the reasons that fact has hurt and frustrated many a website owner.

There are absolute factors that impact your success that can be set up one time and flow through out your website to create a great Search engine optimized foundation.

Those would be;

Adaptive Web Design Vs Responsive Web Design

The web development community is buzzing with two new terms, Adaptive web design and responsive web design.  Now the interesting thing about this buzz is that it’s become a bit vague as to the difference between the two terms.  Some have been very vocal about the distinct differences and others are saying there is really not enough of a difference to clearly make a solid description.


Page Ranking Following Google Guidelines

Page ranking for your website can make the difference between having a successful, profitable online business and just being one of the 600 million websites on the net.


Website Design for a Lasting Impression!

A website is your personal piece of virtual real-estate.  Like any piece of land, it needs to be maintained and updated. There are many benefits of a Website Makeover. This article will go over some areas that you will want to take into consideration before you begin the makeover of your website.

Retro may work for clothing styles but not for your business website.


Web Design Recipe For Success

Everything in life requires a recipe to be successful. Web design is no different. There are absolute recipes for successful web design to create a dominate site presence for your business. The problem is not in the ingredients; it’s in the choices made by the chefs to omit or neglect the steps required to produce a solid, optimized, successful website.


Why Web Designs Go Wrong

If you’ve ever been that lucky person tasked with the design or redesign of your business website then you understand how easy it is for a web design to go wrong in a big way.

This is not only frustrating to you and your company but it’s a costly experience for the web designer as well. We’re going to cover the reasons that web design project go so wrong so fast.


Increase Your Sales Organically

How do you increase your sales organically and quickly?

Organic traffic means visitors coming to your site looking for the product or service you provide. This type of traffic is considered free because you didn’t have to use an ad/pay per click campaign.


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