Web Design or Web Solutions? What's The Difference?

What’s the difference between a web design company and a web solutions company?

Clients tend to ask this question during the first contact with our company.  The answer becomes clear very quickly into our relationship; however it is asked enough that I thought I would give a quick explanation.


What Does Google Consider Spam?

In the eyes of the Search engines, spam sites take short cuts and use tricks. Knowing ahead of time what actions Google considers to be spam is a smart position to be in.


Google Plans Additional Changes to Panda and Penguin

Everyone needs to remain calm.  Googles’ Matt Cuffs explained a few of the changes that are coming your way.  In reality, if you are not playing the game fair to begin with then these are changes that should have come a long time ago. 
These changes are being planned by the Google webspam team.  For site owners and webmasters alike, this is interesting and helpful information to help you keep your websites out of the danger zones.


Good Webpage Content

We covered the basics in Content for your website but once you’ve gone through the steps to understand what your customer’s personas are really typing into the search bar and the types of content that you should be writing about and why, it’s time to take that content and optimize it.  It's not enough to just have articles or blogs, you need to have good webpage content.

This article is going to cover


Getting More Customers Means Understanding What They Want

Every step we take as business owners is a step toward getting more customers.  It can be a job in itself to keep up with SEO/SEM and Social Media, but what do you really know about your customers?

Let’s talk about how our technology and economy has impacted your customers and what you can do about it.

Get Website Traffic with Great Content

Getting traffic to your website is the goal of every action you take regarding your site.  Once you’ve gone through the optimization of the site itself you’ll need to keep visitors, as well as search engines interested in your content.

Many of our clients are confused about the term “content”. 


Get Web Traffic

Getting web traffic is, as you know, how a website gets the opportunity to provide the products or services they offer into the hands of those that need and want them. Get more traffic by understanding how to optimize your website.

Most site owners have dipped a toe into several different marketing campaigns, spent a good size amount of money and may have seen spikes in traffic and or sales only to see the number slide over time.


Get More Customers When Your Website Works

When it comes to getting more customers and growing your business you have some choices. Getting more customers to your website starts with the design and devlopment of your site.


Free Websites for Business

Every business owner knows that value of cutting costs.  It’s hard enough in this economy to create a steady stream of revenue; you don’t need to spend one dime more than necessary.  Free WebsitesBut this is one of those times that a free website for your business can cost you more than you'd think; It could cost your business!

Unfortunately, some business owners are choosing to find those savings in their website designs.  With the hype about “Free” website design it’s hard NOT to be tempted to go ahead and create your business page yourself.


Graphic Optimization for Search Engine Performance

Seems that everyone is talking about Graphic Optimization and the reasons that it’s important but no one really covers ALL the benefits that you can see by taking the time to Optimize the graphics on your website.

Before we dive into why your search engine results could be improved by this step, let’s talk in general about why images carry so much weight with your customers and visitors.



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