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Complete Web Solutions provides solutions for all needs and requirements.  Our development team can create basic, semi custom and custom websites for your business.

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Fix My Website

Your website is broken or your website is just not getting web traffic?  Perhaps it’s a mix of the two.  We can help.

When a client calls about fixing a website, it is usually because the results have really been taking a dive.

There are several reasons your website is not performing either on a coding level or a web traffic level.   Websites are under constant attack, even when you don’t know it. 


Web Solutions Online the Power of Keywords

Business owners seek the same goal with their websites; Customers.  The power of keywords are hard to understand until you understand that keywords hold all the power. Web solutions online is all about how certain parts of your websites are working for you to bring these customers. 

Have you ever really given thought to the value of Google?


Upgrading A Website For SEO

The thought of upgrading a website for some is almost overwhelming. Upgrading for SEO reasons is a smart move. The truth is that your website involves technology.  Technology changes and how people use that technology changes as well.  Upgrading your Website is mandatory if you want to compete for business online and offline.

Let’s put this into perspective and talk about the various business technology that had to be upgraded to stay on top of the hill.

Where Are My Customers: Finding Your Buyers

More visitors to your site means more opportunities to convert visitors to customers, right?  I mean, why spend so much time and energy in optimizing your website unless it is going to get you tons of traffic? Finding out where your customers are is not all that hard if you know where to look.

Complete Web Solutions works with business owners to answer the question; Where are my customers? 


What is SEO?

The term "SEO" gets tossed around a lot, most people will nod their heads when they hear this term but never really understand what it means and why everyone spends so much time, energy and money on it.  SEO is shortened for "Search Engine Optimization". 

So now that the first part has been cleared up you may be asking yourself, "What in the world does "Search Engine Optimization" cover.

Page Ranking Steps for Success

There is a lot of information about how to get your website ranked to page one of Google.  It can become overwhelming and is easy to forget the basics. Just a quick note, Google updates page ranks every 3 months.  Make sure your site is in a position to gain rank.

Matt Cuff of Google is a great source of information for just about every topic surrounding Search Engines (at least Google). 

Here are the steps to getting those higher rankings.  Each step involves their own set of rules and targets.


Page Ranking Using Articles

This is the 3rd article in our series on increasing your page ranking.  In this section we are going to talk about articles and press releases to not only get natural links to your site but to how important articles are to your over all search engine optimization.

Any piece of information you post regarding your business/website is important to your search engine optimization.  Posting blogs, articles and press releases are going to be part of your business if you want to rank for better traffic.


SEO Help: Why your website needs to be optimized

Looking for SEO help is not such a daunting task when you understand why you need it. The video above is really useful information regarding SEO and is produced from Google themselves.  Once you hear how they see your site please continue to read about the reasons your website needs to be optimized.

Q) What is Search Engine Optimization and why you need it?


Setting Business Goals

What do you want to achieve in business today? Or how about this week, year, or over the next 10 years? If you don’t have any goals set, how can you expect to reach and surpass them?  Studies have shown that the majority of successful businesses and individuals use the technique of goal setting to gain success in there industry.  So let’s go over the science behind goal setting and 3 ways you should be using it in your business. Setting Business Goals.
Science behind goal setting-


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