How Can I Increase Sales Without Breaking The Bank

Great question! Any smart business owner knows the value of a dollar, especially in this new economy. How can you increase your sales without breaking your budget?  Learn the things you can do to increase your sales on a budget.

Increasing sales while spending less is the goal right?


How To Increase Page Ranking: Optimizing Keywords Correctly

Increasing your page ranking means letting the search engines understand just what you have to offer to the people that are looking for products and services. This series will cover the steps you’ll need to take to increase your page ranking.

How To Get More Customers: Search Engine Rankings Increase Sales

If you want more get more customers you need to have a high search engine rank.  Businesses want to get more customers because more customers means more for profit.  Your buyers are looking for products and services that you have to offer and they want to buy. If you want to get more customers you'll need to understand the following information.

Consider a few things about the internet in general:


How to Blog

Businesses with a blog tend to have 55% more visitors to their websites than those that don’t blog.  This means more traffic and ultimately more sales.

Although everyone talks about blogging, many people are unclear about what a blog really means and how to use this type of tool for their business.

When the word blog came into our vocabulary it really referred to the everyday people that wrote about their opinions or experiences and posted those stories online.  It was like a journal or diary that was for public review and comment.


How much for a Website?

Trying to get the right fit for your new or existing website can be a huge commitment of time. How much a website costs a business is not the right question.

One thing we can all agree on here at Complete Web Solutions is that when we are shopping in person or online and find the treasure we are searching for but it has no price tag or pricing information, it’s a real let down. How much for a website seems like such a simple question however there are many factors that could impact the cost of the website you need and want.


How Does Google Work?

Once you under How Google Works it starts to become easier, however, this is a question our clients seem to have a hard time rapping their minds around.  Let’s break it down so it makes things a little easier to understand.

Imagine the search engines are talent agents in the world’s biggest baking competition.  Their goal is to get the best bakers in front of the judges (consumers).  If they can get the judges to pick one of their candidates then they have done their jobs. For the sake of this example we are going to refer to consumers as (judges) and websites as (bakers).


How do you attract new and repeat business?

This new world of online business can be a dark and confusing labyrinth for the business owner.  It seems everyone has the "Golden Ticket" and they are willing to sell and share that information with you.  The reality is that if you choose the wrong path to create a steady stream of business you find yourself in the dreaded Search Engine Sandbox.


How do I get on the first page of Google?

How do you get on the first page of Google?  Every business owner with a web site has asked this question.  Some companies will tell you it’s a snap.  Other people will tell you that Google changes its algorithm so often that it’s hard to say.

The first step is to know where consumers are searching for your product or service. Getting on the first page of Google is all about optimizing your website.

How Do I Get Customers?

In today’s world and economy there is no such thing as “Build it and they will come”.  Every day a new website goes up with the greatest intentions and expectations.   Most business owners have committed a large investment of time and money into creating a service or product that solves a need or desire.   You put up your site, start a Face book page and wait for the stampede. The question of how you get customers still lingers in the air.


Free Website Consultation

Our clients call us for just about any need or desire that has to do with their websites.  Once you boil down every request for help, you come up with the same end goal.  You want more profits for you business. We provide a free website consultation to go over your needs and goals.

Top list of client requests that we hear daily:



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