Mobile Ready Websites vs Mobile App

In case you didn’t hear the buzz, 2/3’s of consumers are searching three or more times each week online via mobile devices.

Studies are showing that by 2015 it is expected that searches via tablets and smart phones will overtake desk top searches.

What does that mean to a business owner?

It means that if your website is not mobile ready then you are going to be ignored by search engines and customers during their search.

Do you need a mobile app or just a mobile ready site?


Does Size Matter When Your Website is Concerned?

40% of visitors to your website will respond better to visual information than to plan text.  When you do the math for that number and you know that there are about 2,405,518,376 users on the internet that would mean that 962,207,350 more people will respond to images on your website.  But just how well will they be able to view your site?

Monetary consequences for your company.


What Has Social Media Done To Us?

Social media is relatively new to our culture.  Go back 15 years and your vocabulary didn’t even have words for what we now use on a daily basis.  You never heard anyone talking about tweeting, companies didn’t ask you to find them on Face book and if you needed to find a business you grabbed the Yellow pages.

Being Googled meant nothing to anyone.


Web Design Company talks the future of Ecommerce

Web Design companies create virtual real estate for businesses to house their products and services.  Much like the real world housing developers, web design companies have evolved over the years.

As home owners demanded more than four walls and a bathroom, opting to invest in homes that not only improved  comfort  but demanding homes that are developed to accommodate the technology that people rely on to conduct their daily lives.

Smart homes like smart websites have become the new nuggets of gold in today’s rush to the top.

Web Design Impact of a Landing Page

Being a web design company gives us a unique view of the impact that landing pages have on business.  It goes to reason that our involvement with different industries and the design requirements from the actual living person behind a web design project, opens up a live testing field that most businesses do not have at their disposal.

Where this unique vantage point really pays off is in the ability to see the real time impact that small changes or tweaks can have on the overall click through and sales on a site.


Benefits Of A Website Makeover

A website is your personal piece of virtual real-estate.  Like any piece of land, it needs to be maintained and updated. There are many benefits of a Website Makeover. This article will go over some areas that you will want to take into consideration before you begin the makeover of your website.

Retro may work for clothing styles but not for your business website.


Choosing A Web Designer

Choose a Web Designer that keeps up on Google changes and understand why your website design can make or break your business.  Google gives a little free advise in this video.


Content For Your Website

Everyone is always buzzing about the topic of content for a website.  There is good reason to talk about this topic.   Google has flat out said that they will crawl your website for content to determine your authority on the topic that your customers are looking to understand or purchase.

The more you educate your customers, the better chance you stand to get Google’s attention.  We are going to talk about a few must do’s and a few never do’s when it comes to writing and posting content on your website.


Best Platform For My Website

Opinions run hot for this topic.  Each article seems to be weighted heavily on the preference of the person writing the post.  In reality the best platform would depend on what you expect to get out of your website.   

Without supporting factors about the site you are looking to build, asking the vague question about platform is not different than asking what’s the best car to buy.   Let’s take a look at the platforms and talk about their strengths and weaknesses.  


How To Increase Sales: Social Media Content

You don’t have to personally like it and you don’t have to use it for personal accounts but folks; Social media is not only here, but its here to stay. If you're looking to increase sales this is the place to start.

Take a look at the technology as it emerges, its focus is SOCIAL MEDIA.  This is technology that didn’t exist 20 years ago.  As the younger people grow up they will be using this technology for things we can’t even begin to imagine. 


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