Organic Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization, It’s the holy grail of the business owner.  Without it you better have a very high mark up on your products because you’re going to need that cash to pay for web traffic forever.

Organic Search Engine Optimzation


Life Of A Website

Every minute of every day 571 new websites are created, they add to the over 600 million websites on the web.  What goes in to the making of a website and what makes one website successful while another is a complete ghost on the net?

The answer is preparation and knowledge.


Keyword Research

“It takes the same amount of work to build an unsuccessful business as it does to build a successful business”.  Keyword research is critical for the success of your business.

The biggest factors for success are the target keywords you choose and the market you choose them in.  Choosing the right ones can change your business, choosing the wrong ones can put you in the list of the large number of business that make virtually no income online.


Is Your Website Failing the Pinterest Test?

It may not be fun, it may not be fair, but if you own a website and your site provides any contribution to your revenue then it’s time you understand what exactly is going on from your customers’ point of view.


I Need A Website

When you have a need for a website, please take advise from the Google Team.  The Video in this article talks about the importance of website load speed.

Okay so you need a website, we can help but first we need to know more about the website you need.  

For many site owners this is really a hard topic to put into words.

Seems a simple question that should have a concrete answer but here is where a vast majority of new site owners take a bad turn.


Motivation In The Workplace: Happy Employees = More Profits

Happy Employees mean more profits.  Motivation in the workplace can impact your business revenue.  So, you own a business, you have a great product, you’ve spent a ton of time and money to get your site fully optimized for not only the search engines but for your customers and clients as well.  Good job!  It’s not an easy task and I know the time that it took to get it all together and working.   But did you forget one of your businesses biggest assets?


OMG Google Keyword Tool is GONE!

Earlier today I was busy doing a little keyword research with the keyword tool that Google provides, yes, I had seen the huge banner for months now letting me know that it would soon be gone, but like many others I choose to ignore that banner and just kept thanking my lucky stars that today would not be the day that I had to go get myself familiar with a different method of researching keywords.

How To Start A Website for Your Business

How do you start a website for your business?  Finding success for your business is no longer limited to a physical location.  Businesses face new challenges when it comes to gaining customers and growing their brand. How you start the website for your business can have long lasting ramifications.

The creation of a business website should be your highest priority.


How To Use Social Media

Before you begin using Social Media, let’s talk about a few misconceptions that have been floating around for years. How do you use Social Media if you don't first understand why it works.
Like any major shifts in marketing, it can be hard to pull away from the “old ways” and jump into the “new ways”.  For those that think Social Media is a fad or it will not work for your business simply because you have never used this vehicle in the past, someone needs to say it, you’re wrong.
The most common misconceptions I have heard from clients are;


Increasing Page Rank: Importance of page rank to Google

This article about increasing page rank is #2 in our How to improve page rank series.  There is a lot of information so we broke it up to make the information easier to grasp.  In this article we are going to be talking about how you increase page rank and what makes Google assign this rank to your site.



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